Benefits Of HGH Replacement Therepy

Benefits of
HGH Replacement Therapy: In 1990 a landmark study in the Anti-Aging area of
medicine was published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Daniel Rudman
M.D. had shown positive increases in areas of individuals that decrease
throughout the aging process. This study was a beginning of a revolution in the
area of medicine targeted at the stalling of the aging process.

There are
many beneficial effects of using HGH. The first of these benefits is an
decrease in lower back pain. Studies have shown that individuals can increase
height slightly which can ease pressure of the vertebrae lessening pain that is
associated with this compressing.

Currently statistics show the over half of the United States is classified as
obese. Also Obesity ranks within the top ten of curable diseases. HGH has been
said to be one of the most sucessful treatments for this disease. HGH Therapy
has shown in individuals to increase lean body mass and decrease body fat.
Studies show that people that are currently taking HGH injections have resulted
in a 8.8 increase in lean body mass (which is represented in the increase in
Figure 2) and a decrease of 14.4% in body fat (which is represented in the
decrease in Figure 2). These results were experienced within a time period of 6
months. It is also important to mention that this study was done on in a
controlled environment and none of the individuals received special dieting or
exercise regiments.

Individuals that are experiencing decreases of HGH due to either the inevitable
processes of aging and or are HGH deficient experience the following changes;
decreased lean body mass, and increase in fat deposits, thinning skin and loss
of skin tone, wrinkles, and the interior break down of organ tissue.

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