Boldenone Undecylenate EQ

Today, the substance boldenone undecylenate can only be
found in steroids for veterinary medicine. The American Equipoise is for
horses; the Columbian Ganabol is used for cattle; and the German Vebonol for
dogs. Athletes do not care, which shows the enormous popularity and
far-reaching application of these steroid compounds. Boldenone undecylenate is
also very effective in humans and offers the athlete interesting
characteristics which other steroids simply do not have.

Equipoise has
a relatively high anabolic effect which is usually connected with a moderately
distinct androgenic component. For this reason, Equipoise is not the steroid
that will cause enormous gains in strength and muscle mass in the shortest
time. Equipoise has a very favorable effect on the organism’s nitrogen balance
so that the main effect consists of a distinctly increased protein synthesis in
the muscle cell. The resulting gain in body weight consists of a solid quality
increase of the muscles which occurs slowly and evenly. The high quality is
caused by low water retention of the substance. An additional advantage is that
Equipoise aromatizes only slightly, thus making it an effective drug to use
when preparing for competitions. Athletes who are dieting combine Equipoise
with Winstrol Depot and report a dramatic increase in muscle hardness. Together
with a sufficiently high supply of calories and protein this combination offers
its users a large increase in strength and a rapid gain in qual-ity muscles.
Many will notice that Equipoise stimulates the appe-tite. The advantages
achieved can usually be well-maintained over several weeks after use of the
compound is discontinued. Equipoise also stimulates the erythropoiesis which is
manifested by improved development and the formation of red blood cells.
Bodybuilders thus experience an improved pump effect during workout and an
im-proved vascularity

For most male athletes the weekly dosage is usually 150-300 mg. Often since
only the 25 mg version can be found, frequent or very voluminous injections are
necessary For most athletes 50 mg (corresponding to a 2 ml injection) taken
every second day is sufficient. Advanced and ambitious bodybuilders usually
take higher doses (50 mg daily) and achieve dramatic results. Women also
usually respond well to Equipoise and with 5 0-100 mg/week they gain good
muscles with a low water retention. A dosage in this range is usually well
tolerated. Higher dosages can cause virilization symptoms such as deep voice,
increased production of the sebaccous gland and acne, increased libido and in
some cases increased hair growth on the face and legs. Men have few problems
with Equipoise. Since water and salt retentions are low, the blood pressure
usually does not increase. Acne, gynecomastia, and increased aggressiveness
occur only in rare instances. The feared “steroid fever,” which can
occur when using veterinary steroids, is rare with Equipoise since the product
by Squibb is highly sterile and pure. Those who experience flu-like symptoms when
they begin taking the compound should reduce the dosage for a short time

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