Calorie Density Eating

Diet is
based on calorie density consumption. Do not worry about macro’s they will take
care of themselves.

Foods are calorie dense foods that give you most bang for the buck.

Specific diets need to be based on the individual and his needs.

Staples of
the diet along with bodybuilding foods everyone knows about are

Beef (other meats also)

Whole eggs

Hard Cheeses

Whole Diary products (milk,yogurt and cottage cheese)


Natural Peanut Butter

Udo Oil

Olive oil based dressings

Pop Tarts (fruit)

All Fruits (plenty of blueberries,rasberries,blackberries)

Plenty of dark green veggies

Whole Grain Pasta

Brown Rice


Whole Grain bread


With these foods you can create a very anabolic diet with also health taken
into consideration.

Im not a big fan of many supps so i leave that to the individual to take what
he feels works.

I do recommend a Multi Vit and a high quality protien powder.

7 Basic Rules of calorie density eating:

1. Continue to eat the same healthy foods you always eat, but simply eat more
of them.

2. Choose foods with a higher calorie density. You could eat broccoli and salad
until your face hurts from chewing so much, but you still won’t get enough

3. Eat plenty of starchy carbohydrates including whole grains & cereals,
pasta, potatoes, yams, beans, rice and oatmeal.

4. Don’t be afraid of adding a little bit of fat. Keep your diet moderate in
fat overall, but add in some of the healthy “good” fats (such as flax
oil, udo oil, olive oil,almonds or a couple tablespoons of natural peanut
butter) and you’ll gain weight more quickly.

5. Just because you’re trying to gain weight doesn’t mean you have a license to
eat anything you want. Go for nutritional value as well as calorie density;
limit unhealthy fats, sugar and processed junk foods.

6. If you can’t seem to get enough calories from food, then a meal replacement
or weight gainer supplement can make your life a lot easier. Adjust the serving
size to fit your calorie needs and make sure the product has a good protein to
carb ratio.

7. Don’t be afraid to drink a lot of your calories in the form of milk, juice
or supplements/shakes.

Well, that’s it! Follow these strategies diligently and you’ll gain pounds
solid muscular weight more easily than you ever have before without having to
chain yourself to the refrigerator!


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