Coffee for antioxidants

to the Winter 2006 of “Today’s Diet & Nutrition” –

Researchers from the University of Scranton at the national meeting of hte
American Chemical Society reported that coffee is the #1 source of antioxidants
in the US Diet. Both decaf and caffeinated coffees provide similar levels of
antioxidants, says study leader, Joe Vinson PhD, chemistry professor at the
university. Coffee, recently, has also been associated with a variety of
benefits, including protecting against certain cancers, diabetes, and
Parkinson’s Disease.

I read
this a couple ways — first, awesome, because I love coffee, and i strongly
believe in the health benefits of it in moderation.

However, the way i read this is that this is so indicative of how poor the
american diet is. Think of it this way — a few years ago, there was a study
done that showed that the *majority* of kids were eating at least 5 servings of
fruits/veggies everyday. Hard to believe right? Not when you consider what the
top 2 veggies/fruits were — potatoes and tomatoes. Yup…french fries and
ketchup were included.

So, while it’s great that coffee has some great benefits…this to me sends a
call that we need to be eating more vegetables, fruits, etc.

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