Green tea aids in weight loss

GOOD news
to those who want to shed a few pounds: drinking green tea every day may help
burn calories and fat.

New evidence has validated the effectiveness of green tea in promoting weight
loss. A recent study conducted by Abdul Dulloo of the Institute of Physiology
at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland suggests that the ingestion of a
tea rich in catechins leads to a lowering of body fat and of cholesterol

Catechins or epigallocatechingallate have been discovered to be the most potent
antioxidant, the major component of green tea extracts. According to the study,
published in the International Journal of Obesity, these compounds increase the
process of thermogenesis, or the body’s rate of burning fat calories.

catechin properties present in green tea extracts intensify fat oxidation while
increasing the body’s metabolism. Green tea helps burn 78 calories a day, or
around 28,000 calories a year, the same number of calories needed in order to
lose 8 lbs. of weight,” explained Dulloo.

The study further showed that drinking green tea, which is not accompanied by
an increase in heart rate, is a better alternative than taking stimulant-based
diet drugs that may cause adverse effects on obese individuals or patients with
hypertension and other cardiovascular conditions.

Natural alternative

This recent breakthrough in green tea offers health buffs a natural and
effective way to lose weight and keep fit. Dieters can find this health benefit
in the new Nestea Green Tea, the first powdered iced tea drink with green tea

The antioxidant effect of green tea is 200 times more powerful than that of
vitamin E, and 25 to 100 times more powerful than the antioxidant effect of
vitamin C.

Nestea Green Tea contains 33-percent less calories than regular iced teas and
has 100 percent the daily recommended intake of vitamin C. It’s available in
200g and litro pack (80g) and widely distributed in leading supermarkets

Sanctuary for mallers

During the launch of the Nestea Green Tea in March, shoppers found havens of
tranquility in Metro Manila malls with the setup of the Green Tea Sanctuary,
complete with the trimmings of a spa—green and white curtains, ornamental
plants and dim lights, relaxing aromatherapy candles, soothing music to calm
the nerves and comforting hands of massage therapists.

Mallers also got to taste the healthy goodness of Nestea Green Tea and given a
10-minute basic reflex therapy on the back, head and hands upon purchasing
three 80g packs or one 200g pack of Nestea Green Tea

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