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Aspartine Rumors Unfounded

If you have spent anytime online, chances are you have stumbled on Web sites with screaming headlines and well written text attempting to scare Internet surfers about artificial sweeteners, especially Aspartame (NutraSweet), which is alleged by these doomsayers to cause all sorts of maladies, including methanol toxicity, vision problems, headaches, fatigue, brain cancer, lupus, and […]

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High Carbs For Everyone Carb Nightmare?

You see it first! Some pretty disturbing EARLY data revealing the struggle your body undertakes just to deal with dietary carbohydrates while in a sore state. You punish your body with intense exercise but you’re certainly no runner. The bottom line is, you shouldn’t have to rely on high carb recommendations that stem from research […]

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Do Americans Really Pay Attention to Food Labels

Do Americans Really Pay Attention to Food Labels? A survey of over 1,000 adults found that while 80 percent of Americans read food labels at the grocery store to check for things like calories, fat content and sugar, 44 percent will still buy the item, no matter how bad the label looks. The AP-Ipsos poll, […]

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Low Carb Ripfest

Low-Carb Ripfest 12-week program to get shredded Low-carb diets are effective. They are virtually guaranteed to help you get lean and shredded; however, they can backfire if you don’t understand the right way to apply the low-carb format to training, protein intake and the other variables that will determine your success or failure in building […]

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Weight Loss FAQ

Is it true that weight training helps you shed fat? I thought aerobics was the only serious fat-burning exercise. Yes, resistance training can lead to increased fat loss. In fact, it’s crucial to understand that in addition to cardiovascular or aerobic exercise, resistance training is an important element in any effective fat loss program. Muscle […]

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Glycemic Index Chart

SUGARS —————————— HIGH ——— Glucose Sucrose Honey Cane Syrup Maple Syrup Corn Syrup LOW ———- Fructose VEGETABLES/LEGUMES —————————————————- HIGH ——– White potato Carrots Parsnips MEDIUM ———— Sweet Potato Green Beans LOW ——— Cauliflower Asparagus String Beans Kale Lettuce Peas Lentil Beans Kidney Beans Broccoli FRUIT ——————————— HIGH ——– Raisin Banana Plums MEDIUM ———– Oranges Grapes […]

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Plan Your Nutrition

Plan Your Nutrition To Guarantee Success Eating right takes planning. The mistake most of us make is that we don’t plan our nutrition in advance, we wait till we get extremely hungry, and we grab the first thing that we can find—usually fast food. It’s a recipe for disaster. During your 10 minute planning session, […]

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Understanding Low Glycemic

Understanding Low Glycemic Index Glycemic Respon Athletes don’t follow low carb and no carb diets for good reason – carbohydrates fuel their training and the athletes are dependant on carbs for energy and stamina. Athletes have a better understanding on how to balance their diets and nutritional intake by consuming the right mix of carbohydrate […]

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