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As asked for concerning insulin and GH!

Okay first let me state before we get started that I am writing this In hopes that you research the topics thoroughly! I have been asked by many members to outline the proper way to use insulin/GH/ and anabolic androgen AS so here goes. At the start of your cycle you will adrogen load with […]

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Zirunas Jerry Contest History

’1999 The NPC Grand Prix Natural Bodybuilding And Figure Championship, 6th place Open Heavy Weight Class ’2001 The NPC Mid-West Ironman Bodybuilding And Figure Championship, 1st place Novice Heavyweight, Overall Novice Winner, 1st Open Superheavy Weight Class. ’2003 The NPC Illinois State Bodybuilding And Regional Fitness And Figure, 3rd place Opel Superheavy Weight Class. ’2004 […]

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Zirunas Jerry Michailovas

Zirunas (Jerry’s) Profile: Full Name : Zirunas Michailovas Age: 31 Birthplace: Lithuania, Europe Height: 6’0 (182cm) Off Season Weight: 310lb (141kg) Contest Weight: 240-250lb (113kg) Bodybuilders I Admire The Most: I would have to say DORIAN YATES. It doesn’t matter how hard somebody worked to get ready for the show,Dorian worked harder. He torn muscles,but […]

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In Regard IFG-1! All questions answered!

Here is all the information requested the past week in regards to IGF-1! this should clear the air and answer alot of questions for you all! enjoy! wyldeone. IGF stands for insulin-like growth factor. It is a natural substance that is produced in the human body and is at its highest natural levels during puberty. […]

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