Changing Your Workout Routines

Have you ever felt like you work your butt off but don’t get any results? Maybe you see results, but they don’t happen as fast as you want them. If this sounds like your scenario, maybe you should try and switch up your routine.

This was happening to me, so I decided to get a new training partner and try something different. So how did I do this? I entered a local bodybuilding show (couldn’t have been much more local, it was at my college.) Sure I wanted to do well in the show, but really I was mainly going to see Lee Priest in real-life and find a good training partner. Either or would have been a good enough reason to go, but I got to do both.

At the show, I walked up and talked to everybody. Usually I don’t do this, but I really needed a new training partner.

I was let down, I figured many locals would have entered the show, but only one guy there lived in the same town as me! And guess what, he was in the teen division! I found out that he even goes to the same school as me.

This guys name is Chad, Chad McMullin, and he is FREAKIN HUGE for a teenager! (He turns 20 next months.) I knew that he must have a good routine and knew that I would be doing some serious growing as well. I got his phone number and figured out what gym he works out at and we set up a time to go and work out.

My Old Routine:

Sunday Day of Rest
Monday Chest/Tri’s
Tuesday Back/Bi’s
Wednesday Rest
Thursday Shoulders/Traps
Friday Legs
Saturday Rest

Four workouts ~ Four days per week

I told Chad that I wanted to try his routine. We did many exercises, and many sets. And we worked out extremely hard and heavy. I did and was so sore the next day I couldn’t believe it. Then we worked out again on Wednesday and Friday. Awe man, I still can’t believe how sore I got.

Every muscle in my body was sore at one time! I was sorer than the following morning after a football game. I barely made it to all of my classes and work. Shoot, I could barely even take a shower. No kidding, my chest was sore for a whole week. For two weeks, I was only able to do this 3-day routine once a week, then we upped it to two per week.

My New Routine:

Sunday Day of Rest
Monday Chest/Tri’s/Delts/Abs
Tuesday Back/Traps/Neck/Bi’s/Forearms
Wednesday Quads/Hams/Calves
Thursday Chest/Tri’s/Delts/Abs
Friday Back/Traps/Neck/Bi’s/Forearms
Saturday Quads/Hams/Calves

Three workouts ~ Six days per week

This workout regime will kick your butt into shape for sure. But this wouldn’t be wise for a someone who has never lifted before. You have to eat like an animal if you want to workout like a Bodybuilder.

Since I started this routine, I have gained much muscle, around 60 lbs. on my bench press, and 90 lbs. on my squat max! Chad would be a good trainer.

“Remember, variation is the key!”

But we started this about 4 months ago and we have already switched it up a bit. We kept doing the same thing for each workout for a few months, then we just did dumbbells for about 2 weeks, and now we do a mixture. Sometime soon, we are going to switch up the routine yet again. Probably put back and chest together and put bi’s and tri’s. Remember, variation is the key.

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