Dealing With The Critics

People can be completely insensitive and nonunderstanding. Bluntly, I’d say SCREW EM! Not one single person knows what it’s like to be in anothers shoes. We all have similar experiences, we all feel, we all get embarrassed, so how can we not understand when someone has a different conflict from us that we shouldn’t use that as a way to embrace our fellow man and see if we can help.

Being Skinny

I was born with the genetics of an incredibly skinny family. From day 1 through high school I was a SHORT and SKINNY kid. Watching these boys grow into men while I stayed a scrub was embarrassing. It didn’t go unnoticed by the bullies and the other kids in the class either. I was always “little Z”, “squirt”, “runt”, “shorty”, “pee-wee”, etc… Not too mention I wasn’t really much of the ladies man because I was too short, too skinny and had coke bottle glasses.

There was a time when I traded a very expensive portion of my baseball card collection to a kid for his unused weight set and weight bench. I grabbed all the Ironman magazines, my Bruce Lee training journal, way too much low quality weight gainer, and started pumping iron. I was bound and determined to shut up the neigh sayers and walk around like a muscular stud.

The whole school year of 8th grade all the way up to the first day of school my 9th grade year I lifted weights and took those disgusting weight gain shakes. Guess what my start weight was my freshman year of high school… 107lbs at 5’3. My buddy that had traded me the weight set looked at me in the first week of school and said, “well, you haven’t been using the weight set much, have you?”

Luckily as a freshman the glasses came off and I started dressing a little better. I started realizing that women liked charm just as much as they liked muscle. There went the problem with the ladies, but the fact still remained, I was a faker because I was so short and skinny and still got picked on because of it.

Gaining Without Steroids

That first semester of high school I went to the football coaches and had them sign a permission form for a freshman to take weight training as a class. I WAS THE ONLY FRESHMAN IN WEIGHT TRAINING! There wasn’t one semester that went by that I didn’t take weight training as an elective. I was hooked from my 8th grade year on lifting weights. My statistics upon high school graduation… 5’6 138lbs. My bench press was a whopping 235lbs for one repetition while I squatted about 330lbs.

Can you believe that my senior year of high school I was accused of steroid use? I still get a chuckle at that to this day. As i’ve admitted before I have done steroids, but that wasn’t until the summer between my freshman and sophmore year of college.

My point? Forget what others have to say, it’s more important to go about your business with your life and your situation. Keep plugging away at your goals until you close the gap between having what you want and where you are at. Because I didn’t give up and didn’t listen to the “haters” I’m now closer to being a big and muscular guy than I am further away from it.

How can you apply this to your life? Are there people mocking you for eating so much? Do people get onto you for working out so much? Do you get peer pressured into doing things outside of living the healthy lifestyle that you really need to in order to reach your goals?

I’m now an offseason 230lb bodybuilder, who recently placed third in a state level competition. I don’t have many people making funny faces at me when I tell them that I am a bodybuilder. Had I stopped when I reached my first critic I would never be where I am today. My personal goals are so much stronger than any of the words that come out of anyone else’s mouth.

In spite of what others think i’m still going for what I want, even while i hear the negativity around me. It’s still there, I just feel good about keep on keeping on. Maybe you can imagine how you can do the same?

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