Add One Inch To Your Arms In Four Weeks

What bodybuilder wouldn’t like to have an extra inch of solid muscle on each of his upper arms? Here’s a hard-but-brief routine that will work for almost any man, young, old, or in-between…if he can practice it correctly for several weeks.
Give this super high-intensity arm routine a fair try and let me know how you do.

Here are important training tips to use for building maximum muscular size from the described arm routine:

Biceps Cycle

One-repetition chin-up, immediately followed by
Standing biceps curl with barbell
Triceps Cycle

One-repetition dip, immediately followed by
Standing triceps extension with one dumbbell
1) Do the four-exercise arm routine first in your workout.

2) Place the barbell for the biceps curl next to the chinning bar and the dumbbell for the triceps extension near the parallel bars. It’s important to move quickly, in less than three seconds, from the one-repetition multiple-joint exercises to the single-joint exercises. Doing so insures a better inroad into your biceps and triceps muscles.

3) Concentrate on moving slowly during the chin-up and dip. Try to progress a fraction of an inch and hold, then another fraction of an inch and hold, and so on. Move up smoothly inch-by-inch until you reach the top position. However long it takes you to get to the top becomes your goal for returning to the bottom. Thirty seconds up and 30 seconds down are reasonable initial goals.

4) Have a training partner or friend who has a watch with a second hand call out the time in seconds (5, 10, 15, 20) to you as the exercise continues. Once again, you should be able to do the negative phase in the same number of seconds as the positive phase. When this occurs, try to add five seconds more to both the positive and negative phases during your next workout. When you can accomplish 60 seconds up and 60 seconds down in both the chin and dip, I guarantee that your biceps and triceps will be significantly larger and stronger.

5) Perform only one set of each of the four exercises that make up the arm cycle. This cycle, done properly, makes a great demand on your recovery ability. Multiple sets produce no additional growth stimulation, yet they do deplete your chemical reserves.

6) Keep your other body-part (legs, back, shoulders, chest, and midsection) exercises to a reasonable number. Seldom do I train any bodybuilder with more than one set of 12 exercises.

7) Rest two days between workouts. In fact, if you are fairly strong, three days rest are more productive than two days.

8) Look for ways to make your workouts harder and briefer.

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