Why You Need Extra Protein?

Most bodybuilders know you need extra protein to gain more muscle mass. But a lot of people don’t know you also need more protein to lose body fat.
When it comes to building more muscle mass, the muscles are usually dead last to benefit from that extra protein.

First in line is what the “kin folk” on my mom’s side of the family call your “innards”. (That’s your organs and intestines for you cultured people.)

Next up is the brain (which some of my subscribers were obviously born without).

Then your heart, liver, lung and other internal organs.

And last but not least, your muscle tissue gets what is left over.

And that’s not the worst part!
The bad part about this whole physiological deal is…if you don. t have enough proteins for the internal organs… the body goes out and steals it from the muscle tissue. Your body cannibalizes itself for the amino acids it needs!
This is the exact opposite
of what we bodybuilders want!
Why is all this important if you are trying to lose weight?
Because the muscles are where the fat is burned. If you cut your calories, including your protein to lose weight, you are shrinking your muscle tissue, thus severely impairing your fat burning capabilities. And as a result of all this Tom Foolery…

You are restructuring your body
composition so that you are actually
gaining more body fat on less calories!
Repeat this sentence with me, Fish Face…
So exactly how much protein do you need?
Well, take your body weight, multiply it by 69.11 plus your shoe size when you were 13 years old. Then divide that number by the square root of Pi.

I was kidding, OK? Some people think everything has to be complicated and “pseudoscientific” to be effective. Get a life, buckwheat!

Look, there are a lot of complicated formulas, but let’s keep this simple:

If you are trying to burn off body fat, eat twice as much protein as you do carbohydrates.

If you are trying to gain lean mass, eat equal portions of protein and carbs.

It’s that simple!

Whether you’re trying to gain mass or shed body fat, I think you can now see how incredibly important protein is in reaching your goals.

To help my clients achieve their bodybuilding goals I have formulated an exclusive and highly effective protein source that will help eliminate guesswork and maximize your progress.

To find out my jealously guarded secret for making 100% sure your protein gets to your muscle cells at exactly the right time to maximize your bodybuilding gains..

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