Top 10 Muscle-Building Misconceptions in the Gym

Top 10 Muscle-Building Misconceptions in the Gym

by Bob Myhal

1. That everyone’s body is basically the same. Learn to know and trust your own body and what works best for YOU.

2. Expecting rapid-fire results. Trust me, it doesn’t happen overnight. Set your goals high, but be realistic and give yourself enough time to reach them.
3. That the more weight you are able to lift, the better. Remember, form and proper technique come first. Not only is training with proper form safer, it can also be much more effective over the long-haul.

4. That the more sets you do for a muscle, the better. Muscles can suffer hangovers, too. Get to the gym, train with intensity, and then allow your muscles the time they need to recover.

5. That everybody is going to be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger. Terminate that idea immediately.

6. That if you’re solely interested in building muscle mass, cardio work will ruin your physique. While it’s true that you can easily overdo it with the cardio, you should still try to get a healthy amount to keep your heart as strong as the rest of your body. Two or three 20 minute sessions a week should do the trick.

7. That protein drinks will make you immediately stronger and more muscular. It’s not miracle juice. It’s a supplement, and as such it can help “supplement” your regular nutritious diet.

8. That you need to work out five hours a day, EVERY SINGLE DAY! Overtraining can be as detrimental to your physique as under training. If you cannot achieve some significant muscle growth by working out for 1 hour three or four times a week, you’re not training properly.

9. That you need to compete with fellow trainers. Worry about yourself and about reaching your own goals.

10. That hi-tech equipment devices are the best way to go. Be primitive. Be strong. Be intense.

Train with Passion.

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