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Having It All

Conventional wisdom says that a significant loss in strength is inevitable while dieting and/or pursuing body composition training. However, my experience has shown that “conventional” approaches rarely lead to World-class results in any field of endeavor. In almost any case people who experience astounding success are not utilizing “common herd” methods, and neither should you. […]

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Johnnie Jackson at 2006 EUROPA Super Show

Johnnie Jackson at 2006 EUROPA Super Show. 3rd place. Press read more to see more images. Click on the image to enlarge it to full size.

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Hardcore Precontest Training Journal

Unfortunately, yesterday’s “day-of-rest” was not a very restful one. However, I feel good enough to start this last round of workouts. This schedule was perfect because I am finishing this round on Saturday, which puts me exactly one week out from the contest perfect timing! I like to take a week off from the gym […]

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Hardcore Pre-Contest Diets

Pre-Contest Diet 1 Level: IFBB Professional Competition: Mr. Olympia Start Time: 20 weeks out Goal: 3% bodyfat Off-Season Weight: 225-230 Competition Weight: 195-200 Macronutrient Manipulation Five months is usually plenty of time to manipulate protein, carb and fat intakes until you get results. If you’ve never prepared for a show before, 20 weeks is also […]

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Dieting To Win: Your Individual Approach

Summer is slowly fading into Fall, swimsuits are spending more time in the dresser drawer, and another bodybuilding season is winding down. Did you accomplish your physique goals to make 2003 your “best ever?” I saw many bodybuilders do just that as I have the privilege to work with clients from coast to coast. Before […]

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Determination Makes A Champion

What makes a good bodybuilder a great bodybuilder? What separates the winners from the losers? People can argue it is knowledge, genetics, what he takes or determination. Some can argue it’s all four which to a degree is right but without determination no matter how genetically gifted you are you will not get anywhere without […]

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Competition Tips And Trics

There are many techniques and tips that will make arrive at your contest in top shape. I have read many and tried some during my preparation for my last contest. Let’s take a look at these tricks. Sodium Load/Depletion Sodium (Na) inside your cells has a water retention effect. So what you want to do […]

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Bodybuilding By Numbers

Counting, counting, and more counting. It seems to never end. Tracking the number of grams in this, the number of calories in that is a meticulous, time consuming and most of all, mind boggling experience. Although, the nutritional labels help, many of us fail to realize exactly what it is saying and how important the […]

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