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Beware Of Overdoing It

Beware Of Overdoing It:the pitfalls of the pre-contest diet and training There seems to be two more obvious reasons why physique competitors don’t achieve as much definition as they hope to for a show; not applying enough effort, and applying too much of it. Not applying enough effort is typically due to giving in to […]

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All Aboard…Next Stop…

You have just trained like never before to prepare for a day that seems to pass in the blink of an eye. As you reflect on the weeks that you trained to prepare, you remember the agonizing, muscle burning, high intensity workouts you did to bring out those extra muscle striations and help burn more […]

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Are You Ready For The Next Season?

Everyone needs a break and you’ve had yours. You’ve eaten perhaps more then you should have and possibly drank a little excess too this holiday season. You didn’t know that EggNog was loaded did ya? Now that you’re done drinking all those soft drinks, eating cookies, cakes, and peanut MM’s, you’ve vowed this season to […]

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4 Weeks Out

I will put up the 4 week out shots, 3 week, 2 week and 1 week along with the pics taking the day and days before the show with my contest report. Training Starting tomorrow I will cut out all forced reps and only perform what I can do. I will still train as heavy […]

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1 Week Out

To those of you that have been following my pre contest updates I am sorry that I did not write an article for 3 weeks out. I have been doing government funded research in a lab at my college this summer in addition to preparing for this contest and I was just too busy to […]

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10 Weeks Out

As indicated in my initial article, this was my first week back from an almost 2 week layoff. I was expecting it to be a tough week and I was right! In addition to taking time off from training, I had also taken 2 weeks off the CreaGro (Muscle Network creatine mix). I wanted to […]

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Start Competing(for beginers)

Have you thought about competing? Do you want to spend 12 grueling weeks working your ass off while taking in fewer calories than you burn? Would you not miss a workout or a meal for the 12 weeks prior to the contest? If you answered yes to these questions, competing is right for you! Choosing […]

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