Sugary Soft Drinks and Mental Health

The Connection Between Sugary Soft Drinks and Mental Health

A Norwegian study has shown that teens who drink the largest quantities of sugary soft drinks also have more mental health problems, including hyperactivity and distress.

More than 5,000 Norwegian 15- and 16-year-olds were surveyed regarding their soft drink habits, and then given a standard mental health questionnaire. 

There was a clear association between soft drinks and hyperactivity, and additional links to other mental disorders.

Most of the teens drank between one and six soft drinks each week. Teens who skipped breakfast and lunch tended to consume more soft drinks than others. The worst mental health problems were seen in the 10 percent of boys and 2 percent of girls who drank four or more soft drinks a day.

American Journal of Public Health October 2006; 96(10): 1815-1820

Yahoo News September 28, 2006


Dr. Mercola’s Comment:

If you want to stay healthy and live as long as your were designed to then you must simply radically reduce your sugar intake. There is nothing that will speed up the aging process as much as sugar.

Sugar can also harm you in a number of other ways, I wasn’t surprised to read this study demonstrating that European teens who drank more soft drinks — one of the worst things you sould posslbly drink — suffered far more mental health problems than the norm.

You should also note that these results didn’t account for anything but the sugar load in the soft drinks teens consumed, meaning cancer-causing chemicals like benzene weren’t even considered.

The problem certainly extends beyond Europe — soft drinks are the single most important factor in the epidemic of childhood obesity that is sweeping America. In fact, sodas are the number one source of calories in America. In addition to hyperactivity and mental problems, some conditions related to soft drink intake include:

Kidney stones
Tooth decay
The worst of all, however, may be obesity. Consider the fact that your risk for obesity increases by a whopping 60 percent for each can of soda you drink a day, and that obesity may actually lower the average age of death in the United States to a point so low that your children will be dying at a younger age than you do for the first time in history.

Probably, the easiest thing you can do to start your journey toward optimizing your health is to stop drinking soft drinks today.

Sugar from soda is now the #1 source of calories in America. Clearly the most powerful way to reduce your sugar intake is to stop drinking soda. That would be true for ALL soda, espeically diet sodas. Sugar is clearly something that should be avoided, but after spending over two years carefully researching this topic I cam convinced artificial sweeteners are even worse for you.

They are the 21st century equivalent of smoking.

Most people don’t have problems eliminating soda, especially if weaned off over a week or so to prevent the caffeine withdrawal headache. If you find that you are struggling though please consider the free Turbo Tapping technique which has helped many thousands successfully stop soda.

Please remember that children see and imitate what their parents do, so if you stop drinking soft drinks, it can only help in your efforts to encourage your kids to be healthy as well.

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