Jessica Putnam And Petter Putnam Said I Dos

I Do, I Do, I Do and I Do!

October 20, 2006 – 12:22 pm MDT

Four “I Do’s” and two marriages happened in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA on Sunday, October 1st at Caesar’s Palace, right after the 2006 Olympia…
Our very own Masters World Champion, Bob Cicherillo married his wonderful fianc?, Tocha, and just a few short hours later, Figure Pro Jessica Paxson married bodybuilding rising star, Peter Putnam!

Caesar’s Palace is one amazing place to get married. All at once it is elegant, comfortable and huge, well fitted to marriages in the bodybuilding world. And you can always find a few extra special guests to add the right theme to the day.

Now, I truly don’t know how Bob was able to get on with the day. He had just spent a late night with post-Olympia business and my makeup artist and second photographer arrived at his suite at 7 AM to start getting the things going. So while the women were getting makeup and hair done, Bob and the guys, friends and family and myself, met downstairs for breakfast.

I was surprised to see most of Bob’s family already in tuxedos, but they were a pretty excited bunch and having a lot of fun. And not to be missed was Bob’s best buddy, Tom Prince.

It wasn’t too long in the restaurant, when we saw Jessica Paxson come in joining her family for breakfast. Jess was amazingly beautiful and, considering the weekend, really well composed! She had just been on stage competing and now she was going to be a bride in a few hours. Someone is going to have to check the record books and see if two competitor weddings have ever happened before on an Olympia weekend.

Time was getting close now – Bob & Tocha were due to get married at 12:30, so off to finish getting ready we went. Outside the entrance to the Terrazza Garden, it was my luck that I walked into the big three. No, not Jay, Ronnie and Victor…

The really big three – of! Ryan, Jeremy and Russ DeLuca. Yes, these are the guys behind it and their wives. And a nicer bunch of people you will not meet. might be pretty big company, but it is a bunch of regular people behind it and that is one reason I like doing business with them and I hope all of you do, too.

As we all gathered in the garden, time moved forward (as it always does), the music played and a big smile crossed Tocha’s face as she walked down the aisle. I could also see a glint in the big guy’s eyes – Bob tends to be a very confident person, and I could see that he knew that this was the right woman and the right time. And before you knew it, Pastor Mike announced the new Mr. & Mrs. Bob & Tocha Cicherillo!

Everybody probably has some kind of idea as to who would be at a bodybuilder’s wedding as guests. But just like the rest of us, it is obviously a lot of family and friends. Bob has been a big name in bodybuilding for a long time, so we did find some other big names in the business at the ceremony and reception, which also was at Caesars.

I hope I don’t miss too many people, but we saw Peter McGough, editorial director for the Flex – Muscle & Fitness – AMI etc, Shawn Perine, senior writer for Flex and bodybuilding historian, Joe Antouri, founder of The Private Trainers Association and a man with always a kind word and smile, Mac McCabe, President of Egg Whites and Bob’s better in the game of golf, the always energetic Travis Chapman from The Fit Show.

Then there was this guy on his cell phone… Also having spent the night as co-emcee with Bob for the Olympia, Shawn Ray was present and accounted for, looking very fit. You might be wondering why Shawn is grinning and has his eyes closed. Well, finding Shawn on his cell phone is not that hard to do but I always seem to be there to take a photo when he is.

While Bob’s day was winding down, Jessica Paxson and Peter Putnam started their new life together. With family and friends from around the country, they were married only three hours after Bob & Tocha. This is a good looking couple with a great deal in common. And I must tell you that their families just seemed like one big family already.

We were all taken away by limousines to their reception where you could not have found a bunch of people having more fun. This is the type of thing that makes being the wedding photographer just great, you get to share with people one of the most important times of their lives. And I can’t tell you how much I enjoy Jessica and Peter and their familes.

Looking back on it, this was one very special Olympia – a lot happened. I was there in Las Vegas for six very big days and nights covering everything, a lot more than most people got to see. And I can tell you that everyone who came away from this Olympia felt it’s impact.

The Olympia changed for the better, regardless of how you feel about who won or lost. The show went great, records were broken, new winners were crowned, and the sport got a big boost. And two wonderful couples got married. Now, how are we going to top this for next year? Thanks!

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