“Monica Brant is the most important figure in the history of the women’s fitness movement”, says Jim Rosenthal, Senior Writer Weider Publications. Since her first appearance as a cover girl for Muscle & Fitness Magazine in November 1994 she has gained momentum and is currently at the top of the female fitness world, evident by her unprecedented national and international magazine exposure – over 100 covers and almost as many articles/interviews to this date.
Along with her “normal” schedule of training, traveling, competing, answering emails, booking appearances, fulfilling orders, making trips to the post office, and updating her website; Monica is positioning herself to bring her drive and enthusiasm for fitness into the “mainstream”. The first step toward this endeavor was signing a 3 year deal with a Licensing Company (Bradford Licensing Associates) in which the company is promoting Monica’s intellectual properties. The first project to be released is a book deal with Sports Publishing, LLC. The book is titled “Monica Brant’s Secrets to Staying Fit & Loving Life!” (To be released Oct. 2005!). Other projects to follow such as: training DVDs, product line and possibly apparel.
Taking a step back in time, Monica has grown up accustomed to hard work! Raised on a 20-acre ranch, where her mom was a professional horse trainer for 15 years, Monica was riding and showing horses of all disciplines since the age of 7. To this day Monica still enjoys riding; Jumpers being her favorite! Along with the horses, Monica was also a zealous athlete in school– running sprints during track season and playing volleyball.
In her sophomore year of high school she was on the Texas State Mile Relay Winning team, running her leg of a quarter mile under 60 seconds!
After graduating Monica decided to attend a fine arts college to study Equestrian Science and marketing. Along with school, Monica started her first steps towards the fitness stage by competing in local and statewide bikini contest and working part time as a San Antonio Budweiser girl. Winning a brand new Mustang (car) was her top prize in a contest…building her confidence that she had what it took to be on stage!
In 1991 Monica started lifting weights and noticed a photo of Marla Duncan winning a fitness competition in a national fitness publication. Marla’s beauty and physique impressed her so much that she wanted to try her hand at the fitness competitions. Just a few months later in 1991, Monica competed and won her first show! After competing for a few more years based in TX; she decided to make the move to Los Angeles where she turned her hobby into a full-blown career. Since her move in 1995 and earning her Pro Card in the IFBB, Monica competed in 1-3 contests a year through 1999. After the Fitness Olympia in 1999, she decided to retire from the Fitness stage, however, she was still continually booked for appearances around the world (Germany, Italy, Austria, France, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Africa, Argentina and many tropical islands too!) promoting a healthy lifestyle!

In 2000 a door opened up for Monica to produce, promote, and host the annual NPC Monica Brant Fitness Classic- an amateur, national qualifier fitness show. (The 6th MB Classic was held July 9, 2005 in Fairfax, VA. and proved to be even bigger than the past five!) Just another great opportunity for Monica to encourage and promote her sport to women all over the country!
After 3.5 years hiatus from professional competitions; Monica is now preparing for her 7th Professional Figure Competition, the Figure Olympia where she will strive to remain in the top 3 placing.
A veteran to the Olympia stage, Monica won the FITNESS Olympia in 1998 (which was held in Nice, France) and is happy to say she was the first athlete to ever compete in more than one division of the Olympia competition!
Unlike Figure’s sister division, Fitness, the Figure category has no dance routine involved. It is comprised of two rounds, both in swimsuits- one and two piece. The ladies are judged by a panel of experienced judges on their symmetry and full muscle bellies, grace/ poise, and conditioning of their “package’ they bring to the stage.
The Olympia is the pinnacle of Professional bodybuilding, remembering Arnold Schwarzenegger made his debut in the entertainment world by winning the Men’s Bodybuilding Olympia title “back in the day”!
In June 2003 Monica was honored with the solo spot on Muscle & Fitness Magazine, one of only very few women to have this opportunity in the history of M&F Magazine!
Karen Hawley, Senior Art Director (1998-2003) – Muscle & Fitness Her’s says, “Monica’s accomplishments speak for themselves, she simply shines – truly a fitness icon for the millennium!”
Monica’s love of helping others achieve their own personal goals is the driving factor in her motivation for her lifestyle. She will continue to bring fitness to as many others as she can while maintaining her own goals and crossing over from fitness to mainstream media and back!

Fitness and Figure Competition History:

Figure Olympia 2006- 3rd
Figure International 2006- 2nd
Sacramento Pro Figure 2005- 3rd
Figure Olympia 2005-3rd
San Francisco Pro Figure 2005- 2nd
Figure International 2005- 2nd
Figure Olympia 2004- 3rd
Figure International 2004- 2nd
Figure Olympia 2003- 2nd
GNC Pro Figure 2003- 2nd
Figure International 2003- 2nd

Fitness Olympia 1999- 4th
Fitness Olympia 1998- 1st
Fitness International 1998- 2nd
Fitness Olympia 1997- 6th
Fitness International 1997- 2nd
Fitness Olympia 1996- 7th
Fitness New York Pro 1996- 4th
Jan Tana Fitness Pro 1996- 2nd
Fitness Olympia 1995- 7th
Jan Tana Fitness Pro 1995- 1st

Ms Fitness USA Nationals 1995- 9th
Ms Fitness USA Southern CA. 1994- 1st
Ms Fitness USA Texas 1993- 6th
Ms National Fitness 1991- 9th
Ms Fitness USA Arizona 1991- 1st

Height: 5’4″
Contest- 126lbs
Off Season- 135lbs
Hair: Now recently turned Burnette with Blonde highlights!
Eyes: Light Brown or Amber

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