Philosophy On Women And AAS

okay ladies, here goes…my opinions on woman and AAS use, pro’s and con’s.

Pro’s are; increased muscle mass, sexual desire, energy, decrease in bf percentage, increase in strength. hair, skin and nails grow faster, better moods, no ups and downs pertaining to PMS.

Con’s are; possible side effects (aggresiveness, acne, water retension, enlarged clitoris).
primarily, what im trying to stress here are the cons are dose related, when you first started lifting weights, did you start off heavy? no….same reasoning is behind AAS use, start with small doses, work your way up, this way, if sides start to appear, you can get yourself off ASAP.

Esters: (injectables)

Slow release; slow release esters (decanoate, undecylenate, isocaprote)…..slow release esters decrease the chances of spikes in your hormones levels thus, decreasing the chances of sides, but, if sides do appear, it takes longer for the AAS to get out of your system.

Fast release; fast release esters (propinate, suspension)….one plus to using a fast release ester is if you do experience side effects, the AAS can get out of your system faster, alot faster. on the downside, getting AAS into your system this fast does spike your hormone levels fast, therefore leading (in some cases) to sides.

Oral use; the reasoning for not staying on orals for a long period of time is the damaging effects it has on your liver. i have done very long runs of orals, with no damage to my liver, but again, kept my doses very small.

TAPER! TAPER! TAPER! this is THE most important factor when women are using steroids. take a couple of extra weeks to “taper” off your cycle. adding “sythetic” test to your body will cause an increase in estrogen levels. if you just “stop” your cycle, you will run into problems….you think pms from your peroid is bad?

one of the biggest problem with use of AAS in women is there is hardly any information out there on this subject, it’s fairly new territory.

just as a side note; water-based injectables (winstrol, suspension) cause an increased risk of abcess as opposed to using an oil-based injectable.

i guess my point behind this thread is to stress that women should always start out with small matter what their preference is in AAS. start off small, work your way up…and do your homework, make sure you know what you are taking, and the possible side effects behind it.

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