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The PSYCHO Trainer Method

DISCLAIMER… You could get HURT/INJURED and or HUGE when applying the training methods described below. THESE TRAINING METHODS DESCRIBED BELOW ARE INTENDED FOR INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED LIFTERS. So you want to get BIG and get big FAST ?? If you’re like most guys, you’ve been working out a few times a week and are seeing […]

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Deadlift:The Forgotten Exercise

Very rarely do you ever see people deadlifting. Those that do are usually powerlifters or someone who is actually performing a variation of a deadlift. Often missing, the deadlift is an integral component of a strength building program. That’s not to say that everyone should be performing this movement or one of its variations, but […]

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Asiration While Injecting:Why And How

What is aspiration? To aspirate is to withdraw fluid with a syringe. More specifically, after inserting the needle, pulling back on the plunger of the syringe for a few seconds to see if the needle is in a blood vessel. Rarely, this will be the case and a bit of blood will fill the syringe. […]

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The Power Of Protein

Adequate protein intake is essential for building muscle, gaining weight and maintaining your physique. Eating quality protein with each of your 4-6 meals daily will ensure your physique will reach it’s potential. Here are some guidelines on how much protein is optimal: For Muscle Building or Weight Gain: approximately 1-2 grams of protein per pound […]

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Philosophy On Women And AAS

okay ladies, here goes…my opinions on woman and AAS use, pro’s and con’s. Pro’s are; increased muscle mass, sexual desire, energy, decrease in bf percentage, increase in strength. hair, skin and nails grow faster, better moods, no ups and downs pertaining to PMS. Con’s are; possible side effects (aggresiveness, acne, water retension, enlarged clitoris).primarily, what […]

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Women’s Perspective on AAS

Women’s Perspective on AAS Per some of your requests I’ve prepared the first women’s perpspective on steroids. This is mostly MY perspective. As I am probably the most aggressive female user on the board that we know of and a Moderator I feel I can take on this obligation. First most common question is about […]

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