Branch Warren Signs Exclusive Deal With MD!

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Branch Warren has signed an exclusive contract with Muscular Development magazine that will direct all future appearances to MD’s print magazine and website, only. Branch turned down several lucrative offers from other magazines (one from FLEX) and instead opted to join TEAM MD. When asked on Muscular Development’s NO BULL RADIO why he chose MD over Flex, his answer was direct and to the point,

“The People! MD’s the truth and they tell it like it is!”

According to Muscular Development owner and editor Steve Blechman, “Branch has always been very popular with the fans. He’s always been our best seller when he appears on the cover!”

Branch is also the first to give Steve the credit. “Thanks for keeping me on board with Team MD, and also for last month’s cover. Steve was the first to discover me back in 2001. He always told me that I would be great and he’s stuck by me through the highs and lows of my career.”

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Let’s face it, Branch Warren is a true hardcore, freak. With legs that look like they’re out of some alien horror movie and muscle density that rivals the great Dorian Yates, Branch is definitely the people’s champ. And Branch is all too happy to accept this role. I’ve never seen Branch turn down a fan. He’s personable and he’s down to earth. He’s the quintisential Texan– tough as nails, likes to hunt, and doesn’t take shit from anyone.

Look for Branch at this year’s ARNOLD CLASSIC where he hopes to move up one spot from last year’s 2nd place finish and take home the cash and car. Branch guarantees that he’ll be in the best shape of his life, and if last year is any indication of what he’s capable of, the top guys better make sure they bring their best game.

Branch Warren, welcome to TEAM MD!

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