The Things You Cant Do If You Have Acne

There is so much going on about acne that sometimes you don?t really know what to believe. The biggest problem is that left with no one solution you get confused and try several solutions at one time. Then to your dismay none of the solutions work. To treat acne you have got to be aware of what?s causing it, what is making it worse, and what makes it better. With the right knowledge at hand, you will know what it is that is causing the acne, so you automatically avoid it. This knowledge can give you a head start in your pursuit to eliminating acne.

First and foremost, you must change your sleeping conditions. I do not mean you pursue a new style of sleeping but instead simply the environment on which you sleep has to be clear of bacteria. If you think about it for a moment you will realize the one thing that most puts you at risk during sleep is your pillow. Can you imagine how much bacteria is on your pillow cover? Every time you go to sleep you expose your facial skin to your pillow cover and bacteria are exchanged from the pillow cover to your face and from your face to the pillow cover. Knowing this, you should never sleep using the same pillow cover twice. Change it everyday. As simple as it may seem, this is one of the main places you acquire acne. Ever wondered why even after applying all the prescribed creams you still wake up to find a new pimple in the morning? Now you know why. By the way this goes the same with your towel.

Acne as harmless as it may seem, is actually very contagious. Meaning if you rub it from one area onto another, it will grow in the new area. So at all times you must avoid touching and rubbing your face. This is not easy, believe me I know but this exercise can teach you self discipline. Even while you?re washing your face try to keep the rubbing to a minimum, you don?t want it moving from one place to another on your face.

Although highly controversial as to whether it is true or not, you should watch your diet closely. Some foods have been reported to increase acne activity and you should stay away from these types of food. This mainly includes junk food and deep fried fatty foods. Try to go vegetarian while you have acne yet you can still eat fish, but at all costs avoid any high fat foods.

When using a doctor prescribed medication or treatment including ointments, then by all means stick to it. Sometimes and very often, most acne balms dry out your skin, so try to visit the doctor on a regular basis. Never overdose as this will cause really adverse skin reactions and try just stick to the program. It usually takes anywhere from three to four weeks before you see any results so be patient and as mentioned before don?t over do it thinking it will get rid of the acne faster.

The above are a few very simple things most people overlook. If you can avoid what has been outlined above and do what was suggested, then your acne will decrease rapidly. Don?t try to rush the results, patience and persistence will eventually pay off with clear facial skin.

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