Why You Should Use Reliable Supplier

It never ceases to amaze us the small amount of importance that many people who take steroids give to the quality of the gear they use. Steroid use in itself can be risky, unless you use intelligence, but simply failing to recognise the importance of using real, quality gear from a proven and reliable source is downright stupidity (as the pictures below clearly indicate).


One of the most common emails our team receives daily goes pretty much like this…. “Why should I pay to join SE when I can get supplier info for free on the Net?” — Below you will see a graphical illustration as to why!

The following pictures were posted on our member’s board recently and show an abscess which developed in the guys tricep as a result of using underground gear.

SE suppliers are proven and tested, by ordering your gear from the suppliers we have listed your risk of purchaing gear of questionable quality is virtually NIL.

Here’s what you get in the supplier section of SE:-

> The suppliers secure and private email details
> A link directly to the suppliers web site
> The Steroid Encyclopaedia comments on each supplier
> Comments of other members who have used the suppliers on the member’s board

All of this means that the quality of the gear you buy is good as it possibly can be… Also the suppliers section alone can save you hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars because it means you won’t get ripped off… Do you know that there are nowadays literally hundreds of sites selling steroids over the Internet – and most of them are just waiting to rip you off, and will never send your order even though they have your cash. And where do you go to complain if this happens… nowhere my friend — you are simply screwed.

Ordering from a proven and reliable source such as those listed in the SE member’s section means you avoid these risks. There is NO better supplier information available ANYWHERE if you want to be assured of receiving what you order, and also guarantee it’s quality… and if you are thinking of ordering online then I strongly urge you to consider an SE membership first.

Lets put it another way… ordering steroids without this knowledge is extremely risky.


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