Water Based Winny

Water Based Winny

This hormone has a screaming high melting point. For this conversion solvents will be used to bring the stanozolol into a clear solution for filtering and titration. The final result will be a suspension.

Items needed for a 1 gram conversion:
1 Gram winny powder
4.0cc PEG 300/400
0.45um syringe filter (2 quantity)
0.6ml polysorbate 80
0.4ml benzyl alcohol
14.25ml distilled water
20ml vial
20g pins
5ml syringe
10ml syringe
Mix 14.25ml of distilled water with 0.4ml benzyl alcohol.
Pass through syringe filter into 20ml vial.
Put 2ml PEG300/400 into beaker and add 0.6ml of polysorbate 80.
Add 1 gram of stanozolol powder to PEG/ps80 mix.
Heat until stanozolol clears. The heat will be very high, PEG may smoke. This is ok.
Allow stan liquid to cool.
Draw into 5ml syringe, run it through the second new syringe into the 20ml vial containing our steralized water.
NOTE: You can use the same syringe filter as long as the filter is completely dry.
As you filter the PEG/ps80/Stanozolol mix through the filter into the water it will titrate back into micronized form in the water. When this is done shake vigerously.
Run 2 more ml’s of PEG300/400 through filter to purge.
This conversion results in 20ml – 50mg/ml sterile water based stanozolol suspension for injection.

Additional Note: After much experimentation I have found that ps80 is NOT needed. However, I have a contact who makes large volumes of this, and has found that about 1 out of 10 conversions will clump for some reason. Adding ps80 alleviates the problem, so to avoid this I have included it in the directions.

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