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TESTOSTERONE: also known as an androgen or chemically known as 17-beta-hydroxy-4-androstene-one is the most important sex hormone. Though testosterone is more dominate within males women also produce testosterone at about a rate of one-tenth to one-twelfth of male production. In males testosterone is produced in the testes and in females produced in the ovaries. Testosterone […]

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Anabolic Evo Of Modern Bodybuilding

The demand for knowledge on ‘how to’ reach the stars would result in millions of booklets being sold by mail order, while magazine stands and bookshelves were continually restocked with the latest ‘muscle building secrets’. Tons of steel and exercise equipment would find its way into the homes of thousands of Americans all across our […]

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Bodybuilding Articles

You are about to read articles on a certain topic. The articles menu is divided to sub-categories. That helps you to distinguish and choose the topic you want to read about. Currently, there are such categories that we offer articles about : Bodybuilding Anabolic Steroids Bodybuilding Beginners Female Bodybuilding Bodybuilding Health Bodybuilding Nutrition Bodybuilding Supplements […]

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Nolvadex VS Clomid

I have received a lot of heat lately about my preference for Nolvadex over Clomid, which I hold for all purposes of use (in the bodybuilding world anyway); as an anti-estrogen, an HDL (good) cholesterol-supporting drug, and as a testosterone-stimulating compound. Most people use Nolvadex to combat gynecomastia over Clomid anyway, so that is an […]

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As asked for concerning insulin and GH!

Okay first let me state before we get started that I am writing this In hopes that you research the topics thoroughly! I have been asked by many members to outline the proper way to use insulin/GH/ and anabolic androgen AS so here goes. At the start of your cycle you will adrogen load with […]

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Zirunas Jerry Contest History

’1999 The NPC Grand Prix Natural Bodybuilding And Figure Championship, 6th place Open Heavy Weight Class ’2001 The NPC Mid-West Ironman Bodybuilding And Figure Championship, 1st place Novice Heavyweight, Overall Novice Winner, 1st Open Superheavy Weight Class. ’2003 The NPC Illinois State Bodybuilding And Regional Fitness And Figure, 3rd place Opel Superheavy Weight Class. ’2004 […]

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