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Alcohol And Bodybuilding – Do They Mix?

By: Big Red Thank God its Friday. That’s right, the weekend has begun, and for the average teen, what do we do on weekends? PARTY! And let’s face it, despite what you tell your parents, what do parties center around? Beer! In college, social lives pretty much revolve around alcohol. Just about everyone in college […]

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Alcohol’s Effects On Body Fat. Can We Have It Both Ways?

By: David Robson Alcohol use – as a well-established part of human culture – is something that has become almost as acceptable as eating and breathing. As a social facilitator and feel good drug of choice for many, alcohol is very popular indeed, with consumption at mass levels. However, alcohols well-documented deleterious effects – diminished […]

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Is Happiness Determined By Our Genetics?

By: Mike Mahler “Research now confirms what common sense has always told us: Happy people live longer, enjoy healthier lives, achieve more success, and maintain stronger relationships than the chronically unhappy.” Liz Seymour Recently, on a business trip to Dallas to do a kettle bell workshop with my friend Lisa Shaffer, I read an interesting […]

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Thyroid – Ultimate Guide To Getting Lean

By: Dr. David Ryan Whether you are the weekend athlete, soccer mom or a professional physique athlete your overall appearance is based on the same factor of a tiny little gland called the thyroid. This tiny little gland in your neck controls your hair, skin, eyes and every cell in the body. In your quest […]

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How much protein do athletes need

How much protein do athletes need – and how safe are high-protein diets? Protein is not just an essential nutrient, but the largest component in the body after water, typically representing about 15% of body weight. Most of this protein mass is found in skeletal muscle, which explains the importance of protein to athletes. However, […]

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The 9 Keys to Productive Training

by Jimmy Smith Are Your Workouts Productive? In the context of weight training, the word “productive” means getting results through improved speed, power, strength, and size with little to no waste of time and energy. Sadly, that isnot what happens in most gyms. There are plenty of reasons you may not be getting the results […]

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