Presenting Yourself As An Outstanding BB

In any profession, there are effective ways for successful individuals to present themselves. Learning and modeling these traits will give you a better chance to duplicate their success.

Specifically, in the bodybuilding and fitness world, those who have become truly outstanding authorities are few and far between. Because the number of exceptional leaders in this industry are so low, it is oftentimes extremely challenging to follow their lead.

For this reason, I will share with you what I have discovered to be best ways to present yourself as an outstanding bodybuilding and fitness authority.

1. Your primary objective as a bodybuilding and fitness authority is to be an extraordinary provider of information and inspiration – One who can effectively help others achieve THEIR goals. In order to achieve this ambitious objective, you must consistently conduct yourself as an exceptional coach, teacher, role model, mentor, friend, motivator, philosopher, prodder, and even disciplinarian.

Successfully helping others meet their goals is not about you, what you look like, or what you have accomplished. Your level of success will ultimately be determined by how much value you can add to the lives of others. Your number one priority should be to help other people meet their specific bodybuilding and fitness goals and, during the process, enhance the quality of their lives in general.

2. You must clearly define who you are and what you are all about. Be sure to always be yourself. Charisma is defined as a personal magic of leadership arousing special popular loyalty or enthusiasm for a public figure. It can also be described as a special magnetic charm or appeal.

Charisma is undeniably an admirable quality for anyone to possess-but it becomes a tremendous attribute for a bodybuilding and fitness authority. If at all possible, you should work to develop this extraordinary characteristic.

Charisma is a result of a combination of personality traits. There are many different ways for people to carry themselves in order to set themselves apart as charismatic. You can be assertive or passive, loud or quiet, flamboyant or subdued, trendy or conservative. There is no single way to act that is the right way to act.

What matters most as you strive to present yourself as a bodybuilding and fitness authority is that you are congruent with who YOU are. It is essential for you to be comfortable with yourself. Never try to present yourself as anyone other than the person you truly are. Don’t try to be something you are not.

Don’t base your credibility of being a presenter of scientific facts if you haven’t done the research. Don’t push a fitness that can produce amazing results with very little effort just because you think that’s what people want. If you are extremely passionate about coaching others toward competitions, don’t focus on helping “coach potatoes” simply because you feel there is a larger market.

People can distinguish the difference between who is sincere and who is not. They instinctively know who is living true to form and who is blowing smoke. Don’t ever mistakenly believe you can fool them.

3. Your physique and personality are your very best selling points–not anything you say. There is an old adage, “People more attention pay to what you do than what you say.” Don’t ruin your credibility with others by presenting yourself as something you are obviously not. Even though people may never tell you to your face that they think you are misrepresenting yourself, they will eventually know.

In other words, “Walk the Walk” and “Talk the Talk.”

4. Never stop striving for a higher level in all facets of being a bodybuilding and fitness authority. Although it’s important for you to be comfortable and confident with what you teach others, you should also continually strive to build on what you know and what you’ve accomplished.

You can always learn more about training, nutrition, supplementation and motivation. Likewise, you can continue to improve your writing, speaking, web site maintenance, general business, and marketing skills. And your physique can always be taken to a higher level of development.

5. Always treat your profession with respect. When you treat your chosen profession of bodybuilding and fitness with respect, others will respect what you do. Don’t be afraid to demonstrate your passion and excitement for what you do. Don’t be afraid to take what you do seriously. Don’t temper the fact that you are dedicated to what you do. People respect those who are passionate, excited, serious, and dedicated about what they do. It only matters that you are outstanding in your chosen field and can produce measurable results.

Always conduct yourself as a successful businessperson. Be thorough in everything you do. Follow through with what you promise. PLAN your days, weeks, and months. REVIEW your days, weeks, and months. Set ambitious business goals on a continual basis. Be prepared every time you meet with people to discuss bodybuilding and fitness. Regardless of whether you are getting paid for the information and inspiration you provide others, always act as if you are.

6. Carry yourself with certainty, confidence, and pride at all times-even when you don’t necessarily feel certain, confident, and proud. Always try to act the way you want to feel. The way you carry yourself always follows what you think of yourself at the time. You are always selling yourself when you are a bodybuilding and fitness authority. You are always ON. If your ultimate goal is to eventually become an outstanding bodybuilding and fitness authority, you must present yourself as an outstanding bodybuilding and fitness authority at all times.

Developing the conditioning to present yourself this way may take time and practice. Carrying yourself with certainty, confidence, and pride is an acquired skill developed over time. But just like building up your endurance when doing cardiovascular training, your ability to present yourself in this matter will improve with time. That is, of course, as long as you make it a priority to carry yourself this way and are always conscious about the way you are presenting yourself.

7. Become a strong leader. The world is looking for leaders. People inherently want to be led. People want to be given structure. They want YOU to line out things for them. People are looking for concrete, black-and-white solutions to their challenges-and they expect you to provide those solutions for them. Step up and tell those people who are asking you for solutions exactly what to do.

Yes, I realize there are many avenues to successfully reach a person’s bodybuilding and fitness goals. But, whatever you do, don’t give them a list of options and choices. All they want you to do is give ONE you are certain will work!

Choices and options confuse people. They feel you are the expert and should be able to tell them the “right” way to do things. The biggest complaint about the bodybuilding and fitness magazines that I hear from people striving to reach their goals is that too many conflicting opinions, strategies, and philosophies are offered. And even more confusing, is that all of these opinions, strategies, and philosophies, are presented with same certainty and conviction. If you offer a series of choices and options, you will confuse people just like the magazines often do.

8. Don’t be afraid to give away your information freely–especially at the beginning of your journey. Every time you talk to someone about bodybuilding and fitness, you are developing your skills. You are increasing your value as an authority. You are sharpening your talents. You are building your resume, so to speak.

There is an old saying, “The better you become at what you do, the more you will eventually get paid for what you do.” Undoubtedly, you’ll be much better at coaching others the 100th and the 1,000th time you explain something than you will be the first or tenth time.

9. You must have exceptional motivational skills to become an outstanding bodybuilding and fitness authority. The most important and most challenging aspect of being a bodybuilding and fitness authority is motivating others to actually do what they’ve been instructed to do to reach their goals. In most cases, it’s not the lack of information that prevents people from creating the physiques they desire. It is their inability to follow through with what they have been told is required to reach their goals.

As a bodybuilding and fitness authority, you must help people use the tremendous power of their minds. As they work towards their goal, YOU must develop your skills to push, prod, and influence them to demonstrate mental characteristics such as patience, perspective, consistency, determination, organization, and enthusiasm, just to name a few.

10. Realize the powerful impact you can have on the lives of others. You can have a profound effect on the lives of others as a bodybuilding and fitness authority. As an outstanding bodybuilding and fitness authority, give people your undivided attention when talking to them in person, on the telephone or during a seminar. You should make a point to remember people’s names. You should get in the habit of shaking people’s hands. Better yet, look directly into their eyes when you are shaking their hand.
I can’t even begin to tell you the powerful impact the special attention IFBB professional Gary Strydom had on me early in my journey. With less than a year of training under my belt, I took a trip to train at the famous Gold’s Gym in Venice, California. Maybe because he saw determination in my eyes or that I was simply in his path of vision, Strydom gave me the “What’s up, bro?” look and a wink. I remember it like it was yesterday. If someone as famous as Gary Strydom would take the time to even look at me, I thought, then I must be special!

As an outstanding bodybuilding and fitness authority, you have this very same special power. Realize the opportunity you have with this power and use it to positively influence the lives of others. Harness it! Nurture it! Use it to change people’s lives for the better!

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