Let me introduce you to our firs Hall of Fame member:
Chris250. Click SEE MORE to see the full list of details.

Date of birth 11-26-73

Height 5-10

Weight offseaon 255-260

Weight contest 225

Contest history

92 Iowa Cup open Teen middleweight 1st overall (167lbs)

93 Iowa State Teen middleweight 2nd (173lbs)

94 Golds Classic Teen heavyweight 1st and ovarall (192lbs)

94 Golds Classic Open heavyweight 1st and overall

94 Jr.Florida Teen heavywieght 1st and overall (194lbs)

96 Tournament of Champions Novice heavyweight 1st and overall (196lbs)

96 California Grand Prix Open Heavyweight 3rd place (204lbs)

97 Southern USA (FL) 1st heavyweight (208lbs)

97 First Coast (FL) 1st heavyweight (210lbs)

98 Powerhouse Chicago Open Heavyweight 2nd place (216lbs)

01 Mr.Iowa State 2nd heavyweight (210lbs)

02 Jr.Nationals (Chicago) 9th heavyweights (216lbs)

04 Caveman Classic 2nd Superheavy’s (226lbs)

06 Continental USA 1st heavyweight (224lbs)

06 Midwest Ironman 1st heavyweight (222lbs)

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