A Small Change Can Make a Big Difference

I consider myself a student of Max-OT and one of my training goals this year was to gain a greater understanding of the Max-OT principles. I also wanted to make sure that I was implementing what I have learned to the best of my abilities each and every workout.

For the most part I have done a good job, however, in talking with Paul we discovered that there was one area that I have been neglecting. He quickly helped to open my eyes.

Upon examination of my workouts we realized I have been following the same workout schedule for years. I have changed exercises in the past but the days of the week have remained the same for literally as long as I can remember.

I never gave this much thought. I felt that as long as I was choosing the most effective exercises and following the Max-OT principles, I would be maximizing my training performance. On paper this may be true, however, there are certain intangibles that can’t really be explained but can make a huge difference with your focus and training intensity. I have found variety leads to mental freshness and can open a whole new door to better Max-OT training sessions.

Paul devised a new schedule for me where he totally mixed up what I was working on each day. In fact, for the first week he didn’t tell me my workout until I arrived that morning ready to train. I never realized what a positive impact this would have.

When following the new schedule, I realized just how routine my other schedule had become. I knew that every Monday was Chest and Tri’s and Tuesday was Legs and so on. I never had to think about what I was doing. No matter how intense you are, it becomes easy after a while to go through the motions. Things just became a habit and I was in a rut.

With my new schedule, suddenly each day presented a new workout. I was training different body parts on different days and using some different exercises. I found this to add a new spark to my training intensity. Things felt fresh and new and for the first time in years I had to think about each workout a little differently. It’s hard to believe that switching days could make such a difference.

I am finding the mental freshness the new workouts bring to be the biggest asset of the changes. I feel my focus has increased and I am more eager to get to the gym and perform my workouts. Even doing the same exercises in a different order can make more of a difference then you might think.

Working closely with Paul has been a real benefit. As he explains my new workouts to me I am able to understand the Max-OT principles even better. We discuss all aspects of training including form, resistance levels, and mental strategies. He is really helping me to have a better understanding of bodybuilding in general.

We’ve discussed how training is just one aspect of bodybuilding. It is obviously an important one but there is so much more. Much of bodybuilding is mental. Your frame of mind is essential to all areas of your performance, especially in the gym. Paul has taught me how keeping your training new and interesting can impact your whole outlook on your workouts and help you get even more out of Max-OT training. Thus far it has been a valuable lesson.

Now that I have learned the importance of variety we are going to switch my workout schedule after every 8 week period and we will continue to post each of my new Max-OT Workouts as they are implemented.

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