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The Right Carbohydrates for Building Muscle

Obtaining results from drug-free athletic training depends heavily on how you manage your body’s secretion of the hormone insulin. The presence of insulin is critical to creating and maintaining the body’s natural anabolic drive(1). The anabolic drive is the synergistic interaction of anabolic hormones, growth factors and nutrients that control muscle growth. No one has […]

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Creatine Serum – Separating Fantasy From Reality

The characters in this industry never cease to amaze me (or should I say sicken me.) From the sneaky magazine-supplement company conspiracies to the outright frauds, the supplement consumer has to continually be on his guard. It’s like one giant carnival with booth after booth of rigged games and cheap prizes for those unfortunate enough […]

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Chromium: The Facts and Fallacies

What you need to know about this essential mineral for fat loss and muscle gain. Chromium supplements have received a lot of press in recent years and supplement companies have promoted chromium containing supplements as potent fat burning, muscle building compounds. Some show pictures of miraculous before and after photos or wash board abs and […]

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Insulin, Glucagon, Glucose, Fat and Muscle

One thing about weight training and building muscle that clouds the entire process is the fact that you can train, eat and supplement completely wrong and still make gains. The bad thing with this is that it can reinforce incorrect training and nutrition methods. If you train wrong and make progress what will motivate you […]

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How safe is Aspartame?

DNA mutations, brain tumors, cancer, headaches and chronic fatigue – these are some of the side effects alleged to be associated with aspartame consumption. I’ll admit I was concerned when I first heard these accusations. If you’re anything like me, an array of artificially sweetened foods such as nonfat yogurt, protein shakes, meal replacement bars […]

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Exercise and Your Immune System

You’re training hard and you are making good progress toward your goals. Then all of a sudden you feel weak, your body aches, you’ve got a temperature and your head feels enormous. Just when your bench and squats were going up again and you were starting to see some real progress in the mirror, you’ve […]

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