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Insulin and Muscle Growth

There’s been a quite a few articles written about the anabolic effects of insulin in various magazines over the last few years and with good reason. Manipulating this “anabolic” hormone and making it work for you is critical to muscle growth. Nothing really substantial occurs without it. Insulin is the anabolic activator. By reading this […]

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How To Boost Your Glutathione Levels Naturally

Alittle tri-peptide molecule present in every cell in our body is being revealed by science to be the most potent anticancer, anti-aging component of human health. And now the latest research suggests it may also be the “critical link” in building muscle and enhancing athletic performance. Natures most potent anti-aging, antioxidant compound may also be […]

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Accumulative Training Injuries

Accumulative Training Injuries: Don’t Let This Happen to You Weight training was my first great love. My dad bought me a barbell set when I was 13. With my father’s encouragement, I would train in our garage every night and he wouldn’t even let my mom put dinner on the table until I was finished […]

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Timing is Everything

I always see those dedicated souls in the gym. They are there religiously, week in and week out, but their bodies never seem to change. They never improve – not one little bit! Come on, you know the ones I am talking about? Hey, one of ‘em might be you. Think about it, when is […]

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Creatine and Glutamine: The Next Step

One aspect that is emerging as absolutely essential to producing better results and dramatic gains in muscle is the understanding of transport mechanisms of supplements like creatine and glutamine. Understanding how a substrate gets inside a cell leads to more efficient and effective uptake and therefore more consistent, continuous results. We can then dictate what […]

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Muscle Building Properties of Creatine

Scientific literature clearly demonstrates that creatine increases strength, power out-put and lean body weight, however very little research has been performed on what happens inside the muscle once creatine gets there. One way creatine is thought to exert its muscle building effects is by drawing water into a cell, increasing its water content. This volumizing […]

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