Creatine Serum is Nothing More Than a Scam

A company called Muscle Marketing has been selling a product called Creatine Serum for a few years now. It’s a liquid creatine supplement that claims to be 100% stable and far more effective than creatine powder. Through a large advertising campaign this product has gained massive distribution and generated millions of dollars in sales.

Contrary to the claims made about Creatine Serum, it’s a scientific fact that creatine in a liquid is highly unstable. It will rapidly degrade to waste product creatinine, which is completely worthless in the human body. Because their claims run way out of bounds of the scientific literature, last year Paul Delia shelled out for several independent lab tests to find out exactly how much creatine this product contained.

According to the label, Creatine Serum contains 500-milligrams of creatine per millimeter and 0 milligrams of creatinine. However, every bottle we had tested revealed less than 1-gram of creatine in the entire bottle! Also, creatinine levels were 600% higher than the creatine levels.

These outrageous marketing claims made about Creatine Serum reached the ears of a few of the world’s leading creatine researchers. So these scientists decided to put this product to the test in an independent university study. One of the claims about Creatine Serum is that it is absorbed sublingually and is more effectively absorbed into the blood stream than creatine in powdered form.

Creatine Serum’s label claims 2500-milligrams of creatine monohydrate per 5-milliliter dose. So scientists at Chichester University in the United Kingdom tested Creatine Serum directly against a 2500-milligram dose of regular creatine in powder form. The scientists directly examined the appearance of creatine in the blood for up to eight hours after the intake of Creatine Serum, a powder creatine and a placebo (colored water). The scientists also measured the appearance of creatine in the participant’s urine.

This study was well designed. It used a double blind, placebo controlled, crossover procedure. This meant all participants were tested after taking each form of creatine (and the placebo). During the entire procedure neither the researchers nor the participants involved knew what supplement they were taking.

The results showed that powdered creatine produced a significant increase in blood (plasma) creatine levels. However, Creatine Serum produced no effect on blood creatine levels. Creatine serum had the same impact on blood creatine levels as plain old water! No increase! Nothing!

The scientists had two samples of Creatine Serum tested by three independent labs. Each analysis revealed that one dose of Creatine Serum contained a measly 10-milligrams of creatine per 5-millileter dose. Remember, the label claim is 500-milligrams per dose! That’s 200 times less than the label claim!

This research proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that ATP Advantage Creatine Serum by Muscle Marketing is no better than plain water! This study confirmed what Paul Delia warned athletes last year, that Creatine Serum is a complete scam! The problem is, that most people do not have the time to scan all the scientific journals each and every month, so this kind of information often goes by unnoticed.

This product is heavily marketed as superior to regular creatine. Thousands of athletes have already been swindled out of millions of dollars. However, Creatine Serum has failed dismally before any type of comparison testing could begin. Independent research has confirmed that Creatine Serum does not contain any creatine!

If you take a look at how Creatine Serum is marketed it’s pretty easy to see this company attempts to play on all the inconveniences and misconceptions of powder creatine and claim that their Creatine Serum is not only free of side effects (that don’t exist with powder creatine in the first place), but also that it’s more effective. This is their attempt to discredit creatine powder in order to generate greater sales of their fake liquid product.

This company’s fraudulent claims reached the ears of the worlds leading creatine researchers, and the scientists provided clear evidence that Creatine Serum is a bogus product. Now, lets hope this scientific evidence reaches the ears of those that uphold consumer protection laws in this country, because this is information that athletes everywhere need to know. Meanwhile, tell your friends and teammates not to be taken in by this company’s shenanigans. Don’t waste your money on this pitiful product.

Harris DB et al. Ingestion of Creatine Serum has no effect on plasma creatine. IMAGINutrition, Inc./MetaResponses Sciences, School of Sports Studies, University Collage Chichester, Chichester, UK.

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