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Josh Barnett at 2007 Arnold Classic Amateur

Josh Barnett was at 2007 Arnold Classic Amateur Show and did placed 4th in superheavy class.Great job Josh and Congratulations

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2007 MD Cyber Classic

This past weekend we had MD Cyber Classic going on too.One of our own TANK242 was one of the guys who did fight for Cover shoot,$10000 Dollars.It was exiting time for all of us because we know him personaly and he is a great guy and great bodybuilder.So here is the Winer and the tank242 […]

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2007 Miss International Inga Neverauskaite

Inga Neverauskaite took 10th at 2007 Miss International(Arnold Classic)And she looked very good,even comentators said that she will be placing higher after shows like that,because she is looking better with every year. Gongratulations INGA

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