Inflammation and muscle growth: is there a link?

Those of you who read our web site regularly know that when it comes to the science of building muscle and shedding body fat, AST has always been one-step ahead in the industry. If you take a quick browse through the pages within this site, you see that we’ve been warning consumers about various scams often before they happen. We’ve also been recommending cutting-edge supplementation and training techniques often before they’ve been confirmed by research and long before other supplement companies have a clue.

Aside from introducing the most efficient bodybuilding training program in the world, Max-OT, AST introduced strength athletes to foundation products such ultra-high quality whey proteins, Creatine HSC and the most awesome caffeine/ephedra products (yes, AST has been around for that long!) AST was also advocating many bodybuilding strategies years before they became in-vogue, such as, high-intensity cardio exercise, supplement-timing and the strategic use of carbohydrates and various proteins at various times of the day.

AST is much more than a supplement company. Aside from producing the finest quality supplements in the world, we’re hell-bent on discovering how bodybuilders can use these supplements to obtain the greatest effect and get the most from all those jaw clenched, teeth-grinding hours spent in the gym. In keeping with this tradition, I’m going to share another first with our loyal customers.

Research in the next few years is going to confirm that inflammation is a critical aspect of building muscle mass. In particular, the ability to reduce inflammation as it goes hand in hand with muscle growth (hypertrophy). As we get older, a chronic inflammatory response manifests within our bodies that makes it increasingly difficult to build and/or maintain muscle as we get older. In directly, this also makes it more difficult to shed body fat.

This increased level of inflammation ultimately results in oxidative damage to our DNA within muscle cells. In particular, the DNA within the mitochondria within each cell. Most of you probably know that the mitochondria are the primary site of ATP (energy) production within cells. This energy comes from the metabolism of all macro-nutrients; fats, carbs and even protein. The mitochondria are the powerhouses in all cells that crank out the seemingly endless supply of energy that powers all processes that keep us alive and allows us to pound out those Max-OT sessions every week.

The bottom line is science has revealed what causes the destruction of your hard earned muscle, therefore, we can start developing therapies to block/reduce this effect. This process is based on nutritional intervention with specific supplements.

The processes that damage muscle DNA and induce inflammation also set the stage for many other highly undesirable conditions such as unwanted weight gain, muscle weakness, type-2 diabetes and heart disease. So we’re talking about research that is going to have an array of benefits for very wide sector of the population.

I’m privy to a lot of this information because I’ve hooked up with some of the worlds finest scientists in this area of research. I’ll be working closely with them in the years to come; as part of their research teams and in their laboratories. Now, I’m talking real scientists, not the jack-ass supplement marketers you see in the muscle magazine advertisements wearing lab coats, looking serious while pointing to graphs and charts. Some supplement companies hire people to masquerade as authorities. However, I’m talking incredibly gifted, hard working experts that have published a lot of work in this area.

Now, I can’t let the cat completely out of the bag just yet. It wouldn’t be right. Not all the data is in, and much more work needs to be done. At AST we’re all about facts, not fantasy. This is not a fad. Supplement fads come and go. Remember myostatin-blocking supplements? Weren’t they supposed to make bodybuilders huge? Where are they now? How about methoxy or ecdysteone supplements? What happen there?

Back in the real world, natural bodybuilding is going to get very exciting rather soon and one of the reasons is that a clear link between inflammation and muscle loss has been established. How clear is this association?

It’s about as clear as Opera Winfrey’s inability to maintain the same body weight for one week!

That should let you know that this area of research has serious potential.

If you’re a bodybuilder that does it drug free, things in the next couple of years are going to get pretty interesting. Rest assured, I’ll make sure that it will be you (and your hard work in the gym) that will be the major beneficiary. So, stay loyal, have a fantastic Christmas with your friends and family, and stay tuned! There is much more to come.

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