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6 Simple Steps To Catapult Your Muscle Gains

What if I were to tell you that throughout the years there has been a growth of strength training techniques that have no scientific proof to back them up. Well there are hundreds of them, do yourself a favour, have a look at the facts presented in this outline of muscle gain principles and make […]

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5 Action Ideas To Get Big Fast

Are you sick and tired of picking up that latest body building magazine off the shelve, opening it to the latest program on the current bodybuilding star and discovering that he is using a six day split program that has you in the gym for four hours and day!! What it won’t tell you is […]

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The clear facts on fats

Ten years ago, nobody wanted to know anything about them. Health-conscious people avoided them like the plague. Now, they’ve become the latest fad. Not a week goes by without at least one or two reports in the media describing yet another health benefit from their inclusion in the diet. I’m talking about fat. In particular, […]

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Top 10 food choices to optimize results from training

Okay, you’ve utilized AST’s free access Nutritional Calculator to obtain your tailor-made nutrition profile. This info’ will provide you with the exact amount of calories, protein, carbohydrates and fats you need to consume each day to shed fat and build muscle as efficiently as possible. Now that you have your macronutrient profile, you want to […]

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Frozen vs fresh vegetables

Smart bodybuilders understand that a high intake of vegetables is a key “secret” weapon to achieving a lean, muscular physique. Aside from their rich spectrum of nutrients, a high intake of vegetables ensures better gains in lean mass and efficient fat loss by keeping the metabolism elevated. The end-result of a diet rich in vegetables […]

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