Fankhouser Wins North America Title, IFBB Pro Card!

Eric Fankhouser, the man with the freakiest calves in bodybuilding, finally did what some people thought was impossible; he brought up his upper body to balance his tremendous leg development. As a reward for this monumentous effort, the judges bestowed him with the heavyweight and overall title at the 2007 IFBB North American Bodybuilding Championships held at the Renaissance Hotel in Cleveland, OH.

Juan Martinez easily took this class with a combination of symmetry, shape, and conditioning. Let’s face it, how much size can you really hold at 145lbs? Nevertheless, Martinez wowed the judges with incredible polish and presentation.


Isaias Guzman, direct from Mexico, wowed the judges with mature, dense muscle that was painted in an incredlbe brown finish. This year, the Mexican contingency showed up with 20 top notch competitors and Guzman did his country proud by bringing home first place.


Carlo Filipone from the Garden State of New Jersey brought his best game to Cleveland this Labor Day weekend and was rewarded with unannymous first place votes for his effort. His ripped, striated, muscle was just too much for the other competitors and Carlo proved that he’s a worthy contender for Pro Card status when the Nationals role around in early November.


The middleweight class was a battle between two Mexican countrymen, Angel Rangel and Luis Fernandez. Fernandez had a tighter, more muscular, package; while Angel proved to be the superior showman. The judges opted for the more professional “look” and went with the more polished Rangel. Both of these guys were great competitors and I’m sure that there are a lot of American middleweights letting out a sigh of relief that they’ll never have to face these two guys at the NPC Nationals.


For the first time in his bodybuilding career, Mark Perry put it all together and brought an unbeatable package to the stage. His polish and professional-level presentation sealed 1st place and a trip to the overall posedown for this hard-working veteran of national-level bodybuilding. Mark’s great back and leg development pushed him into another league when compared to 2nd place MontyMabry and 3rd place Brad Davis. If Perry can bring this same package, minus the Dream Tan, to the Nationals in 10 weeks, he’ll be smiling his way into the IFBB Pro Ranks.


In the toughest class of the night, Eric Fankhouser defeated two worthy opponents-Darrell Terrell and Michael Liberatore. Fankhouser’s incredible leg development and overall freaky hard muscle proved to be too much for the more balanced and classic physique of 2nd place Darrell Terrell. Terrell, a veteran of the national-level, brought his best package to date; displaying a ripped, shapely physique, that would have walked away with 1st place had it not been for the peaked Fankhouser. Michael Liberatore, the 2006 NPC Pittsburgh Overall Champ and 2007 MD Cyber Classic Champ, brought a symmetrical, freaky-ripped, package to the stage and was rewarded with a deserving 3rd place. If this kid adds another 10lbs of lean mass to his physique, he’ll be unbeatable!


In a rather unspectacular class, the 2007 NPC USA Super HW runner up Gregori Atoyan snatched the number 1 spot with a combination of sheer mass and good conditioning. The surprise of the class was Canadian Ben Pakulski who in only his second bodybuilding competition managed to wow the fans as well as the judges with his awesome shape, huge back and legs, and beach boy good looks. If this guy brings up his arms and improves his conditioning just a tad, he’s going to be a real force in the iFBB. Kirk Defrancesco moved up a weightclass from the USA and managed to snag 3rd. Adorthus Cherry also jumped up in weight but his lack of conditioning left him in a disappointing 4th place. Cherry needs to go back to the drawing board and reevaluate his precontest regimen before he attempts to step on a national stage again.

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