Stuck in a rut? Failing to make any more measurable gains in size and strength? Do not expect DIFFERENT results from doing the SAME things! If you have been training for several years, chances are your body has fully adapted to the workouts you have been throwing at it time and again. The human body is an ADAPTIVE MACHINE, and it prefers homeostasis. This simply means that your body will fight your efforts to add any more muscle to your frame with all it’s might. The body and it’s systems do not want change, so if you wish to get bigger, stronger, and leaner, you are going to have to FORCE change, and do so in a way that does NOT allow your body to ever FULLY adapt to the workload that you present to it. Enter POWER/REP RANGE/SHOCK, an intensive, cyclical program that will provide novel stimuli to your muscles each week, and will approach growth through several unique mechanisms. The following will provide a “template” for you to work with, but each individual can “tweak” the program slightly (exercises used, workout split, days per week training) to fit precisely to their needs. Just as long as the basic principles and premise is followed, you should be able to reap the full muscle building benefits of the program.

POWER: week 1

– Rack deadlift…3 x 3-6
– Bent row…3 x 4-6
– Weighted chin…2-3 x 4-6
– CG seated row…2-3 x 4-6

REP RANGE: week 2

– CG weighted chin…2 x 6-8
– WG T-Bar row…2 x 8-10
– Dumbell row…2 x 10-12
– Pullover…2 x 12-15

SHOCK: week 3

– Pullover/WG pulldown superset…1-2 x 8-10 each
– Stiff arm pulldown/reverse grip bent row…1-2 x 8-10 each
– CG seated pully row dropset…1 x 6-8, drop, 6-8, drop, 6-8

POWER: week 1

– Barbell curl…2 x 4-6
– Preacher curl…2 x 4-6
– Hammer curl…1-2 x 4-6
– CG bench press…3 x 4-6
– Skull crush…2 x 4-6
– Single arm dumbell extension…1-2 x 4-6

REP RANGE: week 2

– Alternating dumbell curl…2 x 6-8
– Cable curl…2 x 8-10
– Concentration curl…1-2 x 10-12
– Weighted dip…3 x 6-8
– Pushdown…2 x 8-10
– Kickback…1-2 x 10-12

SHOCK: week 3

– EZ bar curl/CG chin superset…1 x 6-10 each
– Preacher curl/reverse curl superset…1 x 6-10 each
– Dropset cable single arm curl…1 x 6-10, drop 6-10
– Pushdown/CG bench press superset…1-2 x 6-10 each
– Reverse grip pushdown/incline overhead extension superset…1-2 x 6-10 each
– Dropset weighted bench dip…1 x 8-10, drop 8-10

POWER: week 1

– Dumbell bench press…3 x 4-6
– Incline press…3 x 4-6
– Weighted dips…2 x 4-6

REP RANGE: week 2

– Incline dumbell press…3 x 6-8
– Bench press…3 x 8-10
– Flye…2 x 10-12

SHOCK: week 3

– Superset…cable crossover/incline smith press…1-2 x 8-10 reps each
– Superset…incline flye/dips…1 x 8-10 reps each
– Dropset…machine bench press…1 x 8-10, drop 6-8, drop 6-8 optional

POWER: week 1

– Military press…2-3 x 4-6
– Upright row…2-3 x 4-6
– “Cheat” lateral…2 x 4-6

REP RANGE: week 2

– Single arm dumbell press…2 x 6-8
– Bent lateral…2-3 x 8-10
– Cable side lateral…2 x 10-12

SHOCK: week 3

– Seated side lateral/hammer machine press superset…1-2 x 8-10
– Severse pec deck/WG upright row superset…1-2 x 8-10
– Cable front raise dropset…1 x 6-8, drop 6-8, drop 6-8 optional

POWER: week 1

– Squats…3 x 4-6
– Leg press…3 x 4-6
– Single leg extension…2 x 4-6
– Lying leg curl…3 x 4-6
– Stiff deadlift…2-3 x 4-6

REP RANGE: week 2

– Leg extension…2 x 8-10
– Hack squat…3 x 10-12
– One legged leg press…3 x 12-15
– Lying leg curl…2 x 6-8
– Stiff deadlift…2 x 8-10
– Single leg curl or seated leg curl…1-2 x 10-12

SHOCK: week 3

– Superset: leg extension/front squat…1-2 x 8-10 each
– Superset: leg extension/sissy squat or leg press…1-2 x 8-10 each
– Dropset: lunge…1 x 8-10, drop, 8-10
– Superset: leg curl seated or lying/toes pointed hyperextension…1-2 x 8-10 each
– Dropset: single leg curl…1-2 x 8-10, drop, 8-10

I personally suggest that you do 3 full P/RR/S cycles before taking 1 full week off from the gym in order to recharge the nervous system and allow for some tendon, ligament, and joint repair. Within the confines of the workout, attempt to achieve greater levels of intensity with each passing cycle, and strive to keep the stimulus you present your muscles novel and dynamic. Force your body to “keep up” by getting bigger and stronger, without allowing it to fully adapt to what is going on. Good luck!

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