2007 Mr.Olymia Lineup

The 2007 Mr. Olympia will be held on September 28-29, 2007. Here’s a list of the athletes who are currently qualified and a quick preview of the competitors who have thrown their hat into the ring to try and win the coveted title of Mr. Olympia.

Jay Cutler USA
2006 Mr. Olympia 1st place

Ronnie Coleman USA
2006 Mr. Olympia 2nd place

Victor Martinez USA
2006 Mr. Olympia 3rd place

Dexter Jackson USA
2006 Mr. Olympia 4th place

Melvin Anthony  USA
2006 Mr. Olympia 5th place

Gustavo Badell  Puerto Rico
2006 Mr. Olympia 6th place

Markus Ruhl Germany
2006 Austria Pro 3rd place

Sergey Shelestov  Russia
2006 Romania Pro 3rd place

Ronnie Rockel  Germany
2006 Netherlands Pro 3rd place

Toney Freeman  USA
2007 Iron Man Pro 1st place

Mark Dugdale  USA
2007 Iron Man Pro 2nd place

Eddie Abbew  England
2007 Iron Man Pro 3rd place

Silvio Samuel  Spain
2007 Iron Man Pro 4th place

Markus Haley  USA
2007 Iron Man Pro 5th place

Hidetada Yamagishi  Japan
2007 Sacramento Pro 3rd place

Phil Heath  USA
2007 Arnold Classic 5th place

Vince Taylor  USA
2007 Australian Pro 3rd place

Branch Warren  USA
2007 New York Pro 1st place

Dennis James Germany
2007 New York Pro 2nd place

Dennis Wolf  Germany
2007 New York Pro 3rd place

Desmond Miller  USA
2007 New York Pro 4th place

Kai Greene  USA
2007 Keystone Classic 3rd place

Darrem Charles  Trinidad
2007 Colorado Pro 2nd place

Will Harris  USA
2007 Europa Pro 2nd Place

Bill Wilmore  USA
2007 Europa Pro 3rd Place

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