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Jay Cutler – Compare 2006 to 2007 Olympia Prep

Jay Cutler – Compare 2006 to 2007 Olympia Prep Most any bodybuilder, with the exception of Vince Goodfornothing, looks good in pictures or in front of a mirror without standing next to anyone else. So, let’s experiment here: Dave, aka MadMax6 of MaxMuscle Venice and Jay Cutler Travel Manager, submitted pictures of Jay Cutler about […]

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Milos Sarcev In trouble with Asian BB Federations

Milos Sarcev has been in the news lately, with various accusations regarding the IFBB and the Asian Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation. The letters below were provided to present the other side of Milos’ story. You’ll find three letters from the Bahrain Bodybuilding Association, the Thailand Bodybuilding Association, and the Singapore Bodybuilding Federation.

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Bill Wilmore Joins Body Well Nutrition

Body Well Nutrition, one of the nutrition & supplement industrys fastest growing companies, announces the signing of National Bodybuilding Champion Bill Wilmore. Just weeks after qualifying to compete in the upcoming Mr. Olympia contest, Wilmore leads a charge of young bodybuilders who are fast making an impact at the professional level. As a serious pro […]

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Jay and Silvio (9-12-07), A fun day in the OC

Today, Jay came to Cali to shoot for Flex magazine with the great Chris Lund.Silvio, myself and our good friend Sacha decided to skip going to Venice to hang with Jay at his request.The Champ was in great spirits and in even BETTER shape. Weighting at a shredded 281 lbs at 3.1% bodyfat (he went […]

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Dennis Newman Making A Comeback

Dennis Newman Making A Comeback THE CHALLENGE After winning the 1994 NPC USA Championships, Dennis Newman was touted as “The Chosen One”– the man who could take bodybuilding into mainstream America through his movie star good looks and Herculean physique. However, just 10 days after the greatest victory of Dennis’ career, he was diagnosed […]

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HardFitness Management Contracts

Below is a copy of the contract that Juan Carlos Lopez of Hardfitness asks models to sign. This is an agreement that prohibits girls from shooting with anyone else for 2 years. Please feel free to chime in with your thoughts/opinions of this practice (address and phone number has been deleted):———————————————————————— HARDFITNESS MANAGEMENT AGREEMENTThis contract […]

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