Attitude is Everything

“Attitude is Everything”

I think attitude is one of the most neglected topics in todays sports, especially bodybuilding. In this game you do not learn everything overnight nor should you think you are correct and everyone who disagrees with you lacks critical thinking skills or cannot comprehend things as you do.

Many trainees in this day and time have forgotten that positive actions as opposed to positive thinking are the essence to succeeding. If you want size and strength with all your heart, then you can transform the body. Change in ones physique begins in the mind. Men in prison get big muscle due to their daily desire to survive. It is the drive behind their training that produces muscle size. All of the big inmates train just about every day of the week and not all of them that are large in size have great genetics. You have to visualize it, feel it, live it, and then become what it is you want and let nothing steer you away from that. I honestly think everyone should take a long look at their self in the mirror and not move from that mirror until they are very unhappy with what they are seeing. Go to the mirror and take a look at your reflection until there is nothing left except the anger and fuel to drive you into a state of mind that cannot waiver from its path. Then visualize, feel, and receive in your own mind what type of body you want and then go make it happen!!!

Over the years, I have seen quite a few frustrated bodybuilders. The bodybuilding community on the internet is ripe for misunderstandings. For some of us the gym is all we have. So, our egos are very sensitive to the fact that bodybuilding is an individual sport and we want to come up with our own way of training. After all, who can blame us? We already have enough people telling us what we can and cannot do. But, having self esteem issues has become a serious matter for way too many bodybuilders and that should never be! Any sane person wants to improve their body by adding some more muscle mass regardless of what they may claim. Be happy for weight lifters who have been able to build a better body than you and leave all forms of jealousy and criticism directed towards weight lifters, for the bitter non-trainees who are just too lazy to workout!

Most opposition in the bodybuilding building community does not come from outsiders; rather it comes from other bodybuilders. The fact of the matter is we did not choose the sport called bodybuilding we all love so dearly. Thats right, it chose us! So please do everything in your power to make this sport better. Listen carefully; bodybuilding will bring forth an appetite that can never be filled! If you become superficial or start comparing yourself to others, your jealousy will spew out and youll come across as someone who is upset because they are not getting their way in life (the perfect body or recognition). Being too competitive will take the fun out of any sport. Dont take your anger and frustrations out on people who cant do anything about it. Most of you will never get the recognition you deserve, while others will continue to get more than their fair share. For the record; some of the best and most knowledgeable bodybuilders in the world are people youve never heard of. These trainers have done the most with the least amount of talent. They go unrecognized for their efforts yet continue to toil away in anonymity!

Never get the idea you are all washed up because each of you have special talents! Do not become a slave to the gym while neglecting more important things in life. I will tell you the truth; until you find GOD on a personal level you can forget making the best progress possible. Afterwards, you must keep simple margins so you can make space for greatness. You must visualize what you want out of bodybuilding and then it will come true if you stay on the right path. Do not let bodybuilding become so big in your life that you have no control. A big part of discipline is keeping things balanced! You can get all the sleep and rest your heart desires, yet still be totally exhausted. You need spirituality in your life so you can train hard and recover on a long term basis. Only during a pre-contest phase should you lose some balance in your life due to the extra pressure.

Everyone has a past, but dont let it prevent you from doing something great in your life. A personal relationship with GOD gets rid of anxiety brought about by trying to keep up with others and it unloads your mind so that you can get rid of excess worries. If you think God might not approve of bodybuilding, think again! We were all created in his like image. Spirituality brings about peace, assurance, and control of ones life. People arent looking for another religious fanatic or law giver; they’re looking for acceptance and love. Make no mistake; everyone is in great need of soul rest. This is not to say you should pray in vain hoping GOD will give you bigger muscles or make you stronger. Im making reference to improved recovery so purpose will be renewed and worries will fade away. This is without a doubt the most neglected topic in total muscle recovery!

Some are getting high on hating others and its holding back their muscle building endeavors. If you have an unforgiving attitude towards others and/or self, it will greatly increase your chances of developing chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke and the muscle eating hormone cortisol. Stress destroys your body as a whole and your muscles are a part of that equation! When you stay stressed out over something the muscle tense up and loses some of their ability to function. Its quite obvious that negativity prevents the body from healing! Attitude and stress levels go hand and hand. Let things go and watch your muscles grow!

As long as I can remember, Ive watched pessimistic parents tell their children they better not get involved in a particular event because they’ll never make it. Later, someone else moves in and accomplishes the dreams they left by the wayside. Not because they were more talented, but because they had never heard anyone tell them they couldnt do something. Most of you have better genetics than you realize. Its going to be up to you to capitalize off of them by getting rid of any pre-existing mental blocks you may have acquired. I become so proud of people who look at an impossible task and say, Why not!

FACT: Great minds talk about ideas, average minds talk about facts, and weak minds talk badly about others accomplishments!

The biggest complaint I have received from other bodybuilders throughout the years is the-its all about me attitude thats displayed by some. Its no secret that the most miserable people in the world are those who have the its all about me mentality. Listen carefully; the measure of your character is how you treat the least among you, especially when no one else is around. You must never forget that we are all involved in this sport together and we were put on earth so we could enjoy each others company. We must make our presence around others to be as enjoyable as humanly possible.

In no way am I suggesting what anyone should or should not be doing religion wise…This has nothing to do with religion..It has to do with one’s attitude…And while most people will view differently what it means to know God on a personal level, the areas in which they differ do not over-ride the basic concept-upon which we fully agree-that all of us are unique beings that must take responsibility for their own physiques and actions

FACT: The heart of bodybuilding is integrity and kindness towards others. Unfortunately, some have wrongly equated showing kindness as weakness-hence they neglect to understand that kindness is a far greater strength than they will ever obtain in a gym.

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