Austrian Company Introduces "Arnold Apple"

The Austrian-based company, Frutura Vertriebs Gmbh, has introduced the “Arnold Apple.” The Arnold Schwarzenegger branded apple is a larger than average apple (of course) from the Jonagored apple tree variety; it is a variant of the more common Jonagold apple which is a cross between Yellow Delicious and Jonothan apples. The traditional Styrian farmers who harvest the “Arnold Apple” have called this apple variety “Aurelia” since the time it was introduced in the foothills of the Austrian Alps. This is in recognition of Mrs. Aurelia Schwarzenegger, the mother of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was a long-time resident of the region.

Austrian Company Introduces "Arnold Apple"

Of course, a description of the Arnold Apple would not be complete without the measurements and vital statistics! The Arnold Apple weighs 200 to 250 grams, has a diameter of 85-90 millimeters and contains significantly more Vitamin C than other apples (26 milligrams per 100 grams).

The attractively packaged apple is available in select Austrian supermarkets at a price of $1 Euro each (USD $1.46). The ad copy on the package reads as follows:

“The Power Apple from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Home Country”

Styrian Energy; Healthy and Strong

“Arnold” the Incomparable

This apple grows and ripens at the foot of the Austrian Alps in Styria with the fertile soil and unique microclimate of warm days and cool nights. Lovingly tended by skilled and dedicated fruit growers in their small and medium sized orchards it is a rich natural source of health, strength and flavor.”

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