Victor Martinez Announces Affiliation with Athletes Against Autism

Victor Martinez has announced his association with the Cure Autism Now Foundation and Autism Speaks. Most bodybuilding fans recognize Victor Martinez as a successful IFBB Pro bodybuilder and the reigning Arnold Classic bodybuilding champion; he is widely considered by many prominent bodybuilding publications (including Flex Magazine and Muscletime) and fellow competitive bodybuilders (such as eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman) as a future Mr. Olympia winner.

While Victor’s professional accomplishments are widely celebrated in bodybuilding magazines and on the Internet, Victor wants to actively use his bodybuilding celebrity to help bring attention to a very personal issue. Victor is the father of three children – Jarred, Justin and Victoria.

Victor’s 7-year old and 15-year old sons both have autism.

Victor announces his affiliation with Athletes Against Autism

“Athletes Against Autism was founded by a group of athletes, touched by autism, who are harnessing their efforts into one voice in order to raise awareness and funds for autism research, treatment and family support programs. This is an initiative of Cure Autism Now/Autism Speaks.

“As a bodybuilder, so much time is spent working every muscle in the body. We must not overlook the most important one, our heart. My personal mission is to use my professional status and influence to make an impact on the lives of children affected by autism. I want to make a difference in the lives of not only my children but all of the people that are not as fortunate to have the physical ability that myself and other athletes have. Thank you so much for your support. This is something that is very dear to my heart.”

Please consider a donation on behalf of Victor Martinez to support the groundbreaking programs and research projects that Cure Autism Now and Autism Speaks fund.

What is Autism?

The definition of autism courtesy of Autism Speaks:

“Autism is a complex neurobiological disorder that typically lasts throughout a person’s lifetime. It is part of a group of disorders known as autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Today, 1 in 150 individuals is diagnosed with autism, making it more common than pediatric cancer, diabetes, and AIDS combined. It occurs in all racial, ethnic, and social groups and is four times more likely to strike boys than girls. Autism impairs a person’s ability to communicate and relate to others. It is also associated with rigid routines and repetitive behaviors, such as obsessively arranging objects or following very specific routines. Symptoms can range from very mild to quite severe. “

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