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A Comprehensive Look at Lab Tests

You just had some blood work done, and the friggin’ doctor or his nurses are guarding the results as if they’re state secrets. However, after much cajoling and explaining that you’d like to at least be an informed partner in your own goshdarn health care, they begrudgingly give you a copy of your lab tests. […]

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What I do At Work

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Toney Freeman On Jerry Springer Show

TONEY FREEMAN X-MAN SECURITY Breaking up fights isnt exactly what youd expect a top-level professional bodybuilder to be doing with his spare time in the off-season. But thats exactly what Toney Freeman found himself doing when he made an appearance as the head guest bouncer on The Jerry Springer Show. One of my sponsors, Headblade, […]

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Mike Matorazzo Has Heart Attack

MIKE MATARAZZO HAS HEART ATTACK We received phone call today (Thursday November 8) from Mike Matarazzo, who told us he had suffered a heart attack on Monday, Nov 5. Matarazzo had been hospitalized for a couple days but is now back in his home in Modesto, California. Arguably the most popular bodybuilder of the 1990s, […]

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Superdrol Pro-Hormone or Designer Steroid?

Superdrol Pro-Hormone or Designer Steroid? What is Superdrol? Superdrol (SD) is marketed as a ‘pro-hormone’ (PH) in the post-ban era of pro-hormones. Following the ban of most pro-hormonal substances in the States, including the likes of 1-test, 1-AD, 4-AD, M1T, etc, Designer Supplements designed this ‘pro-hormone’ based on the steroid Masteron, with an additional methyl […]

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NPC Bodybuilder Dan Puckett Found Dead

2006 NPC Teen & Collegiate National Championships An autopsy will be conducted today to determine what killed a national bodybuilding champion who was a student at the University of Alabama. Dan Puckett, 22, was a senior at UA who would have graduated in December. His roommate found him dead Wednesday morning in the bathroom of […]

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Phil "The Gift" Heath

Phil “The Gift” Heath

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