Powerlifter Ron Palmer Arrested in String of Bank Robberies

By Phil Sanchez
24-Hour News 8

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. – Police have arrested a Greenwood couple for allegedly robbing banks in four states. Police say they’ve already confessed to 10 robberies and they expect more to follow.

Ronald Palmer and Savannah Myers could be called a modern day Bonnie and Clyde.

“There were times they didn’t even change clothes. So they were wearing the same clothes in some of the different robbery stills,” said Sgt. Matt Fillenwarth of the Greenwood Police.

Police say 34-year-old Palmer would wait in the car while 20-year-old Myers held up banks in Indiana, Missouri, Kentucky and Ohio.

Police say they were staking out the couple’s townhouse when they spotted the two, setting off a wild car chase that stretched northbound on I-65 to eastbound I-465 to the Beech Grove exit, which is Emerson Avenue.

The couple pulled the car over in a hotel parking lot. Myers was caught immediately, meanwhile, Palmer got out of the car hopped over a fence and darted across I-465. The chase was extremely dangerous considering it took place during rush hour.

Two detectives in pursuit caught Palmer on the other side of the interstate and arrested him.

Now Palmer, a man once titled “The World’s Strongest”, is facing jail time.

The couple is being held at the Johnson County jail and awaiting extradition to Kentucky.

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