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Youth Quest Maintenance 101

By: Brenda Kelly The quest for the fountain of youth is as old as the ancient kings who sent out searches far and wide for the cure of their aging bodies and vitality. Seekers of youth and physical revitalization realized to their dismay, our human bodies can break down much faster than our mind and […]

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Anabolic Training For The Over 40 Bodybuilder

By: Jim Brewster For those older, natural bodybuilders out there, the idea of manipulating the body’s release of natural hormones through exercise and diet should be quite exciting. The hormones I’m referring to are the “big 3″, testosterone, GH and insulin. For those who are older, the body’s natural output declines as we age, so […]

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6 Secrets to Mass Building Workouts and Tips on How to Gain Mass

Attention all bodybuilders, I would like to share some mass building workouts secrets and tips on how to gain mass with you. They have been extremely convenient and “worth it” to me, so I thought they would help you too. Let’s start with your workouts: 1. Don’t pick a weight you are able to lift […]

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UGG WOMENS BOOTS:CHESTNUT SIZE 7 WOMEN’S UGG SUNDANCE II BOOT BRAND NEW!!! IN BOX!!! 100% AUTHENTIC MADE IN NEW ZEALAND STYLE: 5325 COLOR: CHESTNUT SIZE: 7 This durable shearling, sheepskin boot offers warmth and coziness while offering comfort and style. It has a reinforced heel and toe, removable shearling insole, and rubber lug sole for […]

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Priming The Anabolic Environment

By: David Robson Creating the ideal physique can be an exceedingly frustrating practice for many, as a wide range of factors need to be in place to ensure an optimal environment conducive to muscle growth. Ask any bodybuilder. They would probably tell you that if they could provide the perfect environment in which their bodies […]

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Manipulating Your Hormones

By: Intensity Magazine Virtually everything you do in life triggers a hormonal response in the body. Hormonal levels control our body’s actions. It is very important to understand the key role hormones play in inducing muscular growth as well as muscular breakdown. Hormones are chemical messengers that are secreted by the endocrine system. Once they […]

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It’s In Your Blood

By: Will Brink One topic that seems to be a never-ending source of confusion is blood, or more precisely, understanding blood work and which tests to get and why. It never fails to amaze me that the vast majority of bodybuilders and other athletes have no issue spending literally thousands of dollars on supplements (some […]

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Hormonal Manipulation Through Macronutrient Intake!

By: Hugo Rivera In order to achieve large gains in muscle mass along with significant body fat decreases, many hormonal events need to occur in the body. The amount of success that that can be achieved in these endeavors is determined by how much testosterone, growth hormone and insulin are produced by the body and […]

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