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Stress And Overtraining

The simple physiological equation employed by most coaches is this: training-plus-recovery equals-adaptation. But while there are literally hundreds of ways of measuring training (eg sets, reps, load, volume, time and intensity) and a similar number for measuring adaptation (game performance, lactate threshold, heart rate, speed, power etc), how many coaches measure or prescribe a recovery […]

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Power Trainers Need Extra Protein

There are many protein and amino acid supplements on the market, but how do you know if you need them in addition to your normal diet? New research suggests that boosting protein intake could be beneficial to athletes. In a recent study, competitive sprinters and jumpers completed two sets of two testing sessions, interspersed by […]

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Anders Talbott

Anders Talbott Fitness Model

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Power v endurance: what goes first in the ageing stakes?

A fascinating US study based on world record statistics has made it clear that ageing diminishes muscle power considerably sooner and more dramatically than endurance in both men and women. The researchers compared age-related changes in athletic performance, as reflected in world records for stationary rowing and power-lifting, to test the theory that aging affects […]

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Waking up to the performance of sleep

We spend around a third of our lives in bed, yet many of us pay little attention to either the duration or quality of sleep. But as Tim Lawson explains, athletes seeking maximum performance neglect sleep at their peril In our modern caffeine-fuelled,sleep when youre dead society, its easy to form the impression that sleep […]

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Another One Bites The Dust!

By: Kerry Dulin Its Saturday morning and there’s a new face at the gym. He’s been weight training for about a week and he knows exactly what he wants. He’s had it with being weak. He’s had it with feeling small. He’s got something to prove and he’s training like it. The regular crowd is […]

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Top 10 Shallow Reasons To Workout!

By: Ryan DeLuca Stay motivated by printing your own list and reading it daily… Let’s face it. Most of us have the best intentions when we start a new workout program. “This is the time that I will actually stick to bodybuilding and not quit!” or “Last time I was forced to quit because I […]

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