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Muscle Building Properties of Creatine

Scientific literature clearly demonstrates that creatine increases strength, power out-put and lean body weight, however very little research has been performed on what happens inside the muscle once creatine gets there. One way creatine is thought to exert its muscle building effects is by drawing water into a cell, increasing its water content. This volumizing […]

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Get clear About What You Want

You will put yourself miles ahead of the majority of your buddies training in the gym if you simply take the time to determine exactly what you want to accomplish from the effort you are putting forth. Your brain will immediately and efficiently seek out all the resources that are available to help you reach […]

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Presenting Yourself As An Outstanding BB

In any profession, there are effective ways for successful individuals to present themselves. Learning and modeling these traits will give you a better chance to duplicate their success. Specifically, in the bodybuilding and fitness world, those who have become truly outstanding authorities are few and far between. Because the number of exceptional leaders in this […]

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7 Spets To Astablish Yourself As a Bodybuilder

Do you have aspirations of becoming a bodybuilding and fitness professional someday? Although my journey has not been an easy one, I’m fortunate enough to earn a living doing what I love to do. I want to save you some of the pain and frustration that I suffered through by offering my insights. I want […]

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Nutrigenomics – another step closer to an unprecedented level of health and nutrition A few months ago I reported about an exciting concept call Nutrigenomics; the futuristic capability to consume a “designer diet” based on a person’s individual genotype that will prevent disease and/or possibly enhance athletic performance. A team of researchers at the Harvard […]

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Six nutrients that speed fat loss

An ever-increasing amount of research now suggests that incorporating specific foods into a calorie-controlled diet can actually promote better fat loss and improvements in body composition. Based on the latest scientific research, I’ve compiled a list of 6 foods that appear to give a definite edge into terms of fat reduction. They should be in […]

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