12 Tips For A Bikini-Ready Body

By: Fawnia Dietrich

Yes, summer is here, and will be here every year, so whether you are within reach of your bikini body, or would like to gather your ammo and fine tune for next year, here are some safe, all-natural diet tips, taken from the new book The Bikini Diet by Maggie Greenwood-Robinson, PH. D.

* Don’t drink fruit juices or juice-based products while “dieting”. Get your nutrition from calories you chew rather then swallow.

* Shoot for 25 to 35 gm of fiber per day.

* If you get hungry, eat a few ounces of protein to tide you over until your next meal.

* Eat at least two servings of fish per week to get healthy fats.

* Spice up your food with red pepper, which boosts metabolism.

* Drizzle sugar-free syrup over cooked carrots for a sweet treat.

* Drink green tea liberally – it helps burn fat.

* Try no to let yourself get bored, stressed out or depressed, if possible. Try yoga, meditation, and herbs such as kava and ginseng for stress. Regular exercise, journaling and supplements such as fish, St. Johns wort and 5-HTP can help alleviate depression.

* Outwait your food cravings. They generally last no longer then 10 minutes.

* Distract yourself with a nonfood related activity, such as exercising, reading, pursuing a favorite hobby, listening to music, writing letters, surfing the internet (like you are now) or soaking in a hot bath.

* Make a list of 25 things to do rather then eat, and keep it handy for times when you feel tempted to eat (when you shouldn’t).

* Freeze strawberries and other berries. They take longer to eat and provide a candy-like treat.

Herbal Remedies That Fight Bloating – (excess water weight)

Do you have a little excess water weight (bloating) you’d like to shed? If you are heading out in a bikini, you’ll want it gone! Try one of these herbal tricks for bloat. (Herbal combinations in capsules or teas are also available for water retention. Follow manufacturer’s instructions.)

* Bruchu
* Cranberry
* Dandelion
* Horse Chestnut
* Parsley
* Uva Ursi
* Or Try Absolute Nutrition’s Watershed!

Brenda Kelly’s Emergency 7 – 14 Day Diet

* Since I tend to drift from drinking enough water, I start drinking at least 10 cups a day right away. The last 3 – 4 days while drinking herbal, diuretic tea, I cut my water in half.
* Get in 1 hour of cardio each day at low-middle intensity.
* Every day, do a full body workout with light-weights, alternating two different programs. Do your abdominals every day.
* If I can’t get to the gym, I’ll do a circuit workout at home. I start with; 15 deep squats, 20 forward lunges, 15 pushups and 25 sit-ups. I repeat this circuit 4 times through.
* Take a fat burner 3 times a day. I use Xenadrine EFX or Rage from Universal, red berry flavor. Make sure you read your labels and monitor the way you feel if you are new to fat burners.
* Do not eat after 6:00 PM.
* Eat clean staying away from gaseous foods such as cabbage, onions, broccoli, cooked tomatoes, beans, wheat, fruit and dairy products.
* Eat 4-5 meals a day slightly smaller than my normal servings. Go easy on the condiments. For the last three days during the diuretic phase, omit any high salt food, condiments and drink distilled water.
* Drink herbal diuretic tea for the last three days before my target date. I find a dandelion root based tea from the natural food store. Another good one a lot of my friends have used with success is a product called Super Dieters Tea. This one does not sit well in my digestive track, which reminds me to warn you to be watchful of any ill affects of any new product you try. There are lots to choose from if one does not work out. Another good product is Absolute Nutrition Watershed from Bodybuilding.com. The flushing properties of any diuretic only lasts for around 3 – 6 days depending on your system. After this our bodies realize what is happening. It starts to try to reverse the process and retain water instead. Do not take diuretics all of the time! They will loose their effectiveness.
* Take a multi vitamin with minerals. You loose a lot of minerals through taking diuretics.
* Take an Epsom salt bath for the last two nights (naturally draws excess water from the tissues that cause bloating).
* Paint on a body and face bronzer. A tanned body appears more fit and trim.
* Get a facial. The healthy glow makes a big difference.
* Men often look pounds lighter and more fit in swimsuit situations if they remove excess body hair (for some, this takes real commitment).
* Don’t forget to center yourself. Serenity, gratitude and love of life are really the great beautifiers.

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