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SURPRISE! Ronnie Coleman Gets Married

The wedding date was December 28, 2007……..and the woman he married is a Lebanese woman named, Rouaida Christine Achkar. Her photo below… Ronnie’s longtime girlfriend Alti Bautista was in shock when she found out that Ronnie had gotten married only after reading the Internet message boards (just the other day). As you can imagine, she’s […]

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Victor Martinez Surgery Accomplished

New York (January 18) After 2 1/2 hours of surgery, Victor Martinez’s torn left patellar tendon was succesfully reattached. The following is a firsthand account by orthopedic surgeon and top national bodybuilder Dr. Victor Prisk, who assisted in the surgery. “I just returned from a long day in the operating room at The Hospital for […]

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Victor Conte Back In The News

FULL ARTICLE HERE- Victor Conte strolls across the lobby, hand extended, eyes squinting from below a hairline deep into its winter of discontent and above a mustache borrowed from Howard Hughes. He wears a sleek sport coat and a Cheshire grin that only Harold Hill’s mother could love. He comes bearing gifts — a bright […]

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THE GROWTH FACTOR As a bodybuilder, you’ve heard this many times: boosting your body’s production of testosterone and growth hormone is absolutely essential to fuel muscle growth. You’re probably unaware, though, that there may be an even more vital component, one that could clearly make the difference between failure and success in building a […]

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Victor Martinez officially out of the Arnold Classic

Written by: Allan DonnellyJanuary 17, We spoke to Jim Lorimer, promoter and co–creater of the Arnold Classic, and it’s official — Victor Martinez has officially withdrawn from the Arnold. As reported on yesterday, a knee injury will sideline Martinez for the March 2 contest. Martinez is reportedly undergoing surgery within the next few […]

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How to Fight "All Show and No Go" Syndrome

by Dr. Lonnie Lowery This article is for those veteran trainers who have built a fair amount of size: are you seduced by mass to the exception of everything else? Terry Was Indeed Big… He knew what he was doing. His Monday, Wednesday, Friday antagonist-based training had gotten him pretty far. A two-count upward contraction […]

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