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Get Big. Get Strong. Get On With It!

by Chad Waterbury The most effective training programs are usually designed with information from the past, combined with unorthodox thinking into the future. Sure, there have been some relatively effective programs in the past, but results arent anywhere near where they could be. Theres really no excuse for the lack of outstanding training programs if […]

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Dan John’s Top 10 Tips

by Dan John The Classic Tips Years ago, I offered this list of tips for athletes: 1. Use whole body lifts; rarely isolate a muscle. 2. Constantly strive to add weight to the bar and move it faster. 3. The best anabolic is water. 4. Did you eat breakfast? If not, dont ask me anything […]

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Weight Loss Research Center

Weight Loss Research Center – The Weight Loss Research Center is where you can read Independent Information and see consumer ratings on weight loss plans.

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Women Who Fear Pumping Iron

By: Carmen Garcia There is a misconception about female weight training and how we should be eating, supplementing our bodies and exercising. I will reveal a few facts that contradict the old myth about women who lift heavier weights resulting in a “huge and bulky” physique. The Facts That Break The Myths… Often, women who […]

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Superman Sets

by Christian Thibaudeau Anatomy of the Rep Most strength training programs are based on only one thing: reps. How often have you heard “ya gotta do 1 to 5 reps for strength and 8 to 12 reps for size” and other such pearls of wisdom from Michelin Man Joe, the self-appointed expert at your gym? […]

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Different Destinations, Different Journeys

by Christian Thibaudeau Functional Vs. Structural Different destinations require different journeys. While that may seem obvious, several individuals involved in the strength training field dont seem to understand this physiological fact. These people will prescribe the same cookie-cutter program to all types of clients: bodybuilders, powerlifters, football players, martial artists and you name it! While […]

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