Lee Priest is now under 48-hour suicide watch

Written by Dave Palumbo
Saturday, 02 February 2008

Rumors are flying across cyberspace regarding the health and mental status of former IFBB Pro Lee Priest. Did he try to kill himself or is this yet another prank on the part of the always-controversial Priest? While it’s impossible to confirm the rumors at this moment, this what we’ve been able to find out as of 02/02/08, 6:30pm EST.

(1) Cathy LeFrancois Priest (who is still legally married to Lee) was notified by a racecar driver friend of Lee’s named “Ron” that Lee tried to kill himself.

(2) According to Ron, Lee was living with his girlfriend, Tammy, in Scottsdale, Arizona when they (Lee and Tammy) got into some sort of an altercation/argument. Apparently, Lee got physical with Tammy and, as a result, she kicked him out of her house.

(3) Lee, then, rented a hotel room and moved his stuff in there.

(4) A friend of Lee’s named Russ (not Rusty Jeffers) found Lee unconscious in his hotel room with slit wrists.

(5) Lee was rushed to the emergency room where they stitched up his wrists and performed a toxicology screen that came back positive (the drugs found are unknown).

(6) Lee is now under 48-hour suicide watch in the psychiatric ward of an unknown Arizona hospital.

As most of you already know, Lee has always been an extremely controversial and outspoken member of the bodybuilding community; and while not everyone always agrees with all the things he has to say

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